the lady in the flesh

sorry bout the LAG in amazingness here brahs, i have been having INTERNETS ISSUES and therefore have been in computer rage.

let's catch up!

saturday was a RED LETTER DAY OF EPICNESS in whitelightningland..got 2 tickets to SNL rehearsals and on the list for the afterparty.

the musical guest was this lil gal named LADY GAGAAAAAAAA, maybe you've HEARD of HER? umm yeah, i was basically beside myself with excitement, i can't lie, dumb shit still gets me AMPED!

1. we had the duh-ooopest seats, front row center. everything was right in front of us!

2. we sat next to elijah wood? he laughed at the weirdest parts, i was like are we watchin the same show?

3. MADONNA SHOWED UP, not sure if you live in a cave or not (it's poss, reading this on 3G). she is VERY SMALL AND VERY SKINNY. and her face is not madonna anymore, its like an airbrushed photo or something. very odd.

4. GAGALOO needed about 6 people to help her to the stage for that 2nd song, the one with that gyroscopic metal sphere situation. hilarrrrity.

5. afterparty goss: GAGA ordered a pizza to the restaurant (DBGB) which maybe made me love her more. i was too scared to talk to her! okay??? she had TWO SECURITY GUARDS. also, she was wearing a black lace bra..as her outfit. amaze.

6.hotness report: ryan reynolds? totally hot. samberg: NOT HOT in person. seth meyers & jason sudeikis: seriously hot in person? my supercrush bill hader wasn't around, so i cannot give I R L review, but i love him anyways.


Betty said...

Andy Samberg's not cute?? That's disappointing.

moesha said...

i have the bigggessttttt crush on jason sudeikis

Isabel said...

Ahhh, you saw GAAAAGAAAAA! Amazing.

P.S. -I am kinda like Elijah Wood, always laughing at the parts that aren't intentionally funny. Batman 'The Dark Knight' was comedic gold, in my opinion.

Tavi said...

DUDE so happy you could go to this, it sounds amazing! you totes shoulda talked to her!! I'm sure that by some weird Marc hookup we'll all get to say hi to her though. Hi Marc.

kristaaaay said...

wow. gaga WOULD order a pizza. and in a bra.

im a little shocked to hear adam samberg aint hot IRL, but i'll deal.

Suzy said...

Hader is KING and i've had a weird crush on jason sudeikis since forever. can't explain it, but glad he's hot in person?

Denise said...

ohhhh my. you kill me. you are hilarious!

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