let's hear it for new york

Oh, hi Sunday. Let's check in on what the Lady Ga has been up to, shall we?


Bitch has kicked Kanye to the CURB, slipped into her most comfortable simple gyroscopic sphere and has announced her NEW tour..THE MONSTER BALL. Oh and just in case you didn't hear: opening act: KID CUDI. ( i know, i mean, GET OUT OF MY HEAD).

I must go to this, if only to report faithfully to all of you. It is my solemn DUTY, after i was a total loser at the SNL afterparty and let a lil thing like her TWO GIANT BODYGUARDS scare me off. pathetique.

SECONDLY and debatably MORE IMPORTANTLY...Gagaloo made a recent CAMEO at Max Fish and I was not there. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET and the lunacy of Gavin McInnes, her appearance has been recorded for posterity over at StreetCarnage.
clicking that link will take you to the BEST WHITE LIGHTNING SHOUT-OUT OF ALL TIME. (I am actually dead after this, I am writing this blog post from the afterlife, we have wifi here)


SomedayNewYorker said...

I cannot wait until this tour. Its going to be monumental. Check out my blog. I just posted pictures of the Barbies that were styled to look like Gaga.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

such a bananas shout out...
she's heard o you now.
epic awesome to ensue boo.

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