little things

eff a YSL tribute tote, the new "free" dope shit are the bags at APC !

suuupersick cotton totes, free (after you drop major bones on some lovely french threads)
the blue one is really big...new laptop/gypsy caravan carrier (can def fit all my clothes for a few days in there) ad the red one is regz tote size.

they are rad, i have to say. sidenote, the APC store on mercer has the Supreme x APC tees, they are sorta dope; white with a pic of a girl's fishnet covered legs from the knee down with her ankles tied with rope? it sounds darker than it looks, it is probs a betty page photo.

the totes are worth a trip down there to maybe grovel for a freebie?
mine were a gift after someone's shopping spree.
it's really the little things that make me happy, kids.


Amanda said...

so many free totes in my closet but i'd spend some $$ to get these

Isabel said...

Free shit rules. It doesn't even matter what it is, just that it's free.

KD said...

Ooooh, I want them!

style-magnet said...

I love APC so much I CANT STAND IT

chenlina said...

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