living reflection of a dream

FACT: As long as I can keep myself in fluttersleeved polyester mini situations of the 1960s persuasion, I will be the happiest girl around.

I got this orangey dream number this weekend in North Carolina. I cut about 300 inches off of it as "maxi" and "midge" don't go so well together.
I can't remember the name of the store and I am ok with that, as the prices were somewhat WACK. But this DRESS..it was calling me and I couldn't say no! You understand.

Total Lady of the Canyon sleeves.

It's freakishly warm in NYC today so i went for tights full of holes. I think they're wool Wolford crochet, they're sort of great.

They look like rattan furniture from the Golden Girls' lanai (win, obvs).

I forget about these old Steve Madden fake ChloƩ black stompers..I wear the brown ones almost every day but the black ones get no love.
I cut their tongues out cuz I'm a fashion sadist.
Plus then they look like mary-janes.

My dress makes me wanna listen to Tangerine all day. You should do it too, TWINTIMES.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

tangerine was my song with my very first bf...along with my sharona..oh '94--you know.

nickythekid said...


Paulette said...

This outfit is the bomb dealio--as in can't believe your tights are riffing on the embellishment on your dress. I'm especially impressed that you're rocking white tights and making them work. I heart you for reals.

lost teeth said...

oh the best song for that outfit for sure! i love the tongues cut out of the shoe, brilliant.

Katy said...

Love the dress and the tights!

lisa butterworth said...

fluttersleeves are my WEAKNESS. as a fellow midge though, i have to admit that i occasionally rock a maxi...char ro for jcp. so cute and CHEAP i couldn't NOT.

woowoo said...

oooh! the tights are lovely but wolford is so 'ssspensive. am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Orange is definitely in the top three colours of all time, defs.

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