Although I have heretofore only like this name when it was preceded by the words "Sunny Day"..I think I am diggin on Real Estate. Good mellowtimes Sunday jam right here:

I kinda try to avoid the CMJ brouhaha, but it doesn't mean I don't PAY ATTENTION to what is the WHAT...I think these kids have been killing it the past few days, so sayeth the internets & twitterz.

They are about to start touring with GIRLS (and you KNOW how i feel about them!!), CAN'T wait to catch them at Bowery November 5 (and MAYYYBEEE on my birthday at Maxwell's?).


Alberto Castro said...

Love it, very nice clip! ^^

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amber said...

did you know your blog was name dropped in the london sunday times style magazine? they quoted you on lindsay's ungaro disaster...AWESOME!

laia. said...

yes. real estate!

Jamesss said...

real estate rulz soooo much

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