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So the BOOTS make me dress differently...as I stated in a previous post..something about them makes me want to do weird longer lengths and odd shapes?

I found this "dress" at H&M for 10 dollars...I don't know if the greater public of NYC was ready for this jelly, this thing is just a giant rectangle with arms and pockets, and there were LOADS on the CLEARANCE rack...but I thought it had potential? And with the BOOTS in mind i got it.

Um..the first thing i did to it was take some scissors and cut 2 belt holes in the front and 2 in the back and ran this satin Chanel ribbon (where the fuck did this come from? NO idea, as I am sadly Chanel-less in my life) through the holes, with it being tied around on the inside, if you understand.

This thang needed SOME sort of shape to it, at least on a gal like me.

I have become a little obsessed with it.
This thing + boots + obnoxiously bright lipstick = TOTES Swedish shopgirl vibe!
i also feel lil Natalie Merchant-y, is that weird?

PS, I can't remember the last time my KNEES were covered. HOW DROLL!

Also obsessed with: My Katherine Fleming Kate bag in ELECTRIC YVES KLEIN BLUE. I love it, I love it SO MUCH. Every time I wear it, I get a million compliments (go forth to Barney's and PURCHASE, my dears)

Sidenote on this new vibe I am digging: It is most decidedly NOT dude apporoved. Not that I care much, but this dress is not really HOT.
Also, bros are weirdly ANTI on my dream boots! Hunter thinks they are the ugliest things ever and Hate Martin straight up LAUGHED at me! DUDES HAVE NO VISION! S'cool, I look down at them and feel giddy and that's all that matters.

This horse medallion remains the BEST jangle of all time, I have almost had it almost one year exactly (thank you AGAIN andreas, best gift status).

I may live in this outfit for a few more days, so if you were tryin to spot me in a crowd...it just got that much easier.


lisa tomiko said...

i love it... i think i'm ready to be a swedish shopgirl too

Sunshine said...

so love the shape/pattern/etc.
what boys find hot is so obvious & boring.

Clare said...

Thank you! You have saved my most recent thrift store failure with your amazing ribbon belt technique.
I saw that dress in H&m too and was tempted by it until I saw the sackness. Unfortunately it's not on sale here though...

Isabel said...

Dude, those boots are killing me! I want a pair so badly.

Funnily enough, I think those boots would be approved pretty fast by the dudes in my life! But maybe they're too scared of me to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Those boots are kind of awful and then on your feet they're kind of amazing and now my head does not know how it feels!

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous. One of my favorite looks you've posted, actually. Clearly, I'm no "dude" as I approve of this 1000%.

Michelle said...

OMG totally bought this dress too, good to see that someone else appreciates its early 90's donna martin print and rediculous volumputous shape. Also, those boots rule.

Anonymous said...

I have to say... that horse medallion is some kind of awesome

Emilie said...

Obsessed with this outfit obsessed x 1000 with that bag SO SICK.


Strangely enough, I am fairly sure I saw you at Pratt the other day.

Katy said...

So. Stellar. Seriously. There is nothing else to say except I WANT YOUR BOOTS.

Alberto Castro said...

I really enjoy your handbag, it's so different and feminine ^^

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i totally came theeees close to buying that dress-but i didn't have the forefront ribbon vision that you did..love it.
+zeee boots were meant for you!!

now, about that bag....did you know i've been dyyyyying for a royal blue bag for quite sometime now...LOVE LOVE in LOve with it.
so genius.

i'm on bag buying hiatus but i die nonetheless.

Paulette said...

Can't believe folks are hating on your boots and if i could actually walk in heels--damned flatter than flat feet--I'd get them. You did, however, inspire me to get a pair of DM cherry red Mary Janes. Don't know why I ever grew out of my DM phase in the first place!

White Lightning said...

the boots, the bag, the dress..ALL SO WORTH IT. highly recommended.

and thank you guys for the lovely words!!

ps,MARS...that was probably most definitely me.

east side bride said...

I'm sorry, but heels do not belong on Doc Martens. No no no no no.

Six Six Sick said...

Love what you did to this dress, the shape is awesome, and that Kate Fleming bag is the perfect perfect shade of blue. I'm truly envious.


Tayler Worrell said...

I love this blue bag!

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