pig in da city

I know you all have your countdown clocks at the READY, one week until I am ONE YEAR OLDER. Please stop wracking your brains, I have your gift right here:


I mean, you guys...

Did you HEAR ME?

IT'S A PIG. and it fits in a TEACUPPPPPPPP!

Please meet Kurt Cobacon & King Vitamin.* Now GET IN THAT TEACUP.

Shit is BLOWIN UP.
I used to want a teepee. I used to want to live in one and stay there forever, wearing animal skins and smoking weed out of earth bongs but shit went too VIRAL- you can get one at Opening Ceremony in Tokyo and I saw teepee TATTOOS in Portland. PLAYED OUT, suckas.

Mark my words dudes, those are the new TEEPEE.

Last weekend I saw a pig race at the NC state fair and I fell in hardcore likeylike with a potbellied piglet named #5 (Hunter said his name was Last Place. I don't care!)..he was so mellow and cool, ran the race and sauntered up the ramp back to his pen like, "Whatevs you guys, I didn't want those prize Cheetos anyways. What's on Bravo?".

It's in the ETHER. PIGS ARE IT!

PS *I can't take credit for the genius of the names. Whatevs, HUNTER..be smarter than me WHY DON'T YOU.

PPS I will mos def still eat bacon. Is that fucked?


Poochie said...

To answer your question: yes.

wool and misc said...

Over before it started?

Not to burst your bubble, but Paris Hilton got one :(

Caitlin said...

i too, am pig obsessed. when i was about 10 i did a presentation to my class on pigs and gave out pig sweeties and a pig-based wordsearch. good times xx

Rachel said...

oh my GOD, those things are adorable. I want a pig!

Isabel said...

Read the article: if I marry Ruper Grint then its a package deal with the micro pigs. I'll take it!

OwlFace said...

um. you're fucking HILAR!



Six Six Sick said...

Wait, are those things for real? They look slightly CGI. Also, they look conjoint? Like a mutant manufacture created by the same people who made those spider goats. Really having a hard time believing these exist. Nonetheless: still cute.


rem said...

Hey! I have a teepee tattoo...I´m cool with it being played out... it would be pretty awesome if everyone lived in teepees and had teeny tiny piglets. That is a vision of the future that I am totally okay with.

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