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Today's adorbz 90s inspirationals come to you in the form of Tuscadero..anyone else remember them?!?

I was obsessed with the song Dime A Dozen in college (playing at the beginning of this clip). I have no idea what this "Slumber Party" show is but I am liking the plaid flannel pajama shirt look, maybe this is something to consider in my everyday?

I think the pink album may still stand up 10+ years later? At the very least Hollywood Handsome will still make you giggle (he's just so god damn hollywood handsome/too bad he just can't keep his pants on/better fuck him 'fore he's out of reach).

Find this shiz, thank me later!


Vyque said...

holy crap I used to listen to them all the time, I even went to their reunion show in DC a few years back!

CRHEE said...

I just did a blog post about plaid flannel pajamas yesterday! Apparently, we are both trying to channel some sort of sleeper grunge look?

Alberto Castro said...

Of course i remember them, i loveb the 90's! ;)

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Isabel said...

You are a wealthy fountain full of fucking awesome knowledge. 90s REVIVAl FTW.

matthew langley said...

Slumber party was a cable access TV show in the Arlington VA area in the mid nineties.

Almost all the Teanbeat bands played the show even though it was more "hippie inspired" that indie pop/punk.

Just found your blog - really enjoying it - thanks

lesley arfin said...

I loved them! I saw them at Maxwell's and had the pink album before it was re released on electra!!! soooo gangsterrrrr

Unknown said...

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