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If you are not all familiar with Arielle De Pinto,you should be. We first met at the infamous crafternoon at Keren's house, the one where I made a giant hair bow out of hair to match my hair. Yah , that one.

A brief reenactment of our meeting:
ME: "So..what are you doing right there, exactly?"

ARIELLE:"Crocheting metal chain into amazing necklaces and facemasks and body drapings. And what is that thing in your hand again?"

ME: "Oh, cool. This? This is 2 dollar hair from the Dominican hair supply store. I am going to make a giant hairbow out of it to wear out in public. On my own head."


silver n gold crocheted arielle de pinto pouch jangle / nirvana croptop / philip lim 3.1 shinygold skirt

The best thing about this lil pouch is that it fits my tiny comb perfectly (supes necessary to keep bangs in line).

Everybody wants to get in on this action.

Pam Grier likes to wear it all the time. Bitch is always borrowing my shit.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i met her at the flea a few months ago. she's amazing and her jangles...well, i'm obsessed..soo amazing.
you lucky duck.

(p.s. pam grier addition-perfection)

Anonymous said...

Great "weak photoshopping" gag. I have come back to laugh at it again three times so I thought I'd better comment and let you know.

Isabel said...

Nirvana crop top and shiny Phillip Lim skirt? Stop being a goddamn genius! I have that shirt, but its not a crop top. Actually, I have it in size XL.

Katy said...

Super cool! Reminds me of this beaded pouch I got in Arizona when I was 10 that was the BEST THING EVER.

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