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That is IT, I am officially reinstating the Sassy magazine "Cute Band Alert". Here is a realllly good one for ya.
Last night I went to see HarMar at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and was BLOWN AWAYYYYYY by the opening band.


HOW CUTE ARE THEY? Their EP is called Sonic Death Cunttt. Hilars.

They fucking ROCKED...cute kiwis jumping and thrashing around the stage, we were all dancing. GREAT LIVE SHOW! Best new band I have seen in a while, TRUST!

Emily and I were soooo pysched on T'Nealle, the female bass player (DOPE)..she was super rad and had a little white bow in her hair, girlcrush!

I might need to get this tonight

Afterward, I saw said New Girlcrush and as I was going to grab her and tell her how great she was, she ran up to ME and said "Elizabeth??? Are you White Lightning?" GAH, YES I AM.
She and her bandmates told me they love White Lightning and I basically turned fifty shades of red. So cool...Mutual appreciation club!

ADORBZ, right?

I just checked her blog, and I think I fell in love after reading How to Make a Pizza Bagel. Can you tell I am psyched on these kids? Just come see them tonight at Mercury Lounge! I will definitely be there.

Because, REALLY: Do you wanna miss THIS?

Photo from last night, from T'Nealle's blog

I mean..he did BOYZ II MEN, A CAPPELLA! Epic. Veevs and I tipped our 40s appropriately.
Sooo... I guess I'll see you THERE then? Great.


Katy said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME! I have their song "Time Mismanagement" on my iPod - it was a free download from last.fm and I love it. I want to see them! Darn school.

Kate Sinclair said...

great blog!

Aviva said...

I can't BELIEVE you left out the part about how you used "vas deferens" in a diss. That's an OUR BODIES OURSELVES heckle.

hard liquor; soft holes said...


the second Kiwi coming of Silverchair?! (but good?)

Anonymous said...

Silverchair is Aussie! BBE are KIWI! Silly Goose!

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