uncool, dude

GET YO' HANDS OFF MY WANG, BITCH!* i thought we were friends.

gagaloo, didn't you read my BLOG? those are my sunglasses, wtf...now we have to call each other before we go out...like EVERY TIME, um ANNOYING!

SECONDLY: why, WHY is gaga's shoe game always so weak? what's that about?

LASTLY..is that DR "docta peppah" DRE in the background? where are they and why do they both have mics..? in my fantasies they did a cover of "islands in the stream" holy crapballs, how dope would that be??! wowowowowow.

wait, wait a second, don't distract me with my own incredible ideas. the point is...GIMME THOSE GLASSES!

*any excuse for a "that's what she said" joke


InnyVinny said...


That's what she said...


Side note: umm, about this tour cancellation. Highly uncool.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...


Isabel said...

She always looks excellent. And seriously, that is the best commercial on tv. "Trust me, I'm a doctor." Priceless.

Six Six Sick said...

Um, call me too, cause I just placed a personal order at Coterie for those exact same glasses. Funny thing is, I was *almost* going to order the Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse ones, but didn't want to run into Gaga at Main Man wearing the same shades. Bitch has everything! It ain't fair! Whatever.


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