camouflage for crazy people

Why don't I wear this more? (I have blogged it before and I think that was the last time!)

NEON pink cotton lycra dress with equally neon...trout? on it: Betsey Johnson archive (dont say vintage say ARCHIVE! TRES CHIC!).
This is early 80s Betsey...superfave of mine. I bought it in 2002 at a vintage store in the east village that isn't around anymore..I think it was like, 40 dollars or something insane like that.

I walked 3 blocks to a Duane Reade today and everyone stared at me.
It's pretty intense in the light of day, I will admit.

Should I wear it to my tarot reading tomorrow?


Isabel said...

This thing is AMAZING. I want to raid your wardrobe.

Katy said...

That dress is SPECTACULAR. Neon trout = an awesomeness never seen before by man.

Iris said...

I love anything printed with fish. It's kinda classy and enlightenment-academic, yet awkward at the same time? Howeverrr, this would totally not be kosher for my fall palette. Just sayin.

Alberto Castro said...

Humm.. don't like it that much.. :s

@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Kylie said...

I need to say this, you have a great rack. NO LIES, work that dress


Fanny said...

yes! wear it to your tarot reading, it will have to have some crazy affect on the cards! i love vintage betsey!

liz said...

What could be a more perfect dress for a tarot reading?

Colleen said...

that shit is dope...don't you love it when people stare at you?

White Lightning said...

thanks gals!! ( and maison..i know it is NOT too popular with guys...)

i do love it, LOVE IT>

ps kylie..you made my day...haaahah THANK YOU


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