A couple weeks ago I stopped by the new Bodkin offices to fondle the wares and get excited about S/S 2010..which was not hard to do because everythinggggg was so so cute.

Beyond the realdealholyfields, the lookbook (of which there is a hard copy of, on newsprint, I love newsprint) threw me into a minor frenzy, as I am maaajorly gingerjelz these days...This model is making me want to dye my hair TODAY.

A few items that I am springtimedreaming about:

Equinox dress

Bermuda blazer // La Niña bralette // Santa Ana shorts

OBSESSED with this look. Lil shorts suit with brogues! Dreamy springdaytimes.

Cumulus dress

Ohhhh PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEEEEEE, I want this....look at the hem of that dress, can I keep things in there? phone and keys and gum and a slingshot and a flask and gummy bears?

Cirrus sweatshirt // Santa Ana shorts

Oxygéne dress

Sooooo gorgeous and flowy and silky and CROPTOP'D in a dress!

Nimbus tunic // Typhoon skirt

I want this to be me. Like, yesterday.

I am not SO much of a hippie, but Bodkin is the kind of label I love to get excited about: Brooklyn talent + sustainable fabrics + cute clothes = I dig.

Go out and support the EARTH while wearing some sick threads. Steven Alan, Jumelle, and LaGarconne all carry it.

PS I went looking for info on the SHOES in this shoot- that are unbelieveablyyyyyy sick (PERFECT lace-ups) - and discovered they are more local talent:Dieppa Restrepo. I was (completely coincidentally) going to do a post about them later in the week, I was birthday gifted a pair of their laceups yesterday and they are my dream brogues ! More on that this week...

Photographs by Tina Tyrell


Violet said...
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Violet said...

i love the second piece

Vi from Cali

hannah said...

everything is so cute, i love greys and neutrals ahh!

KD said...

I just finished reading Anne of Green Gables and so the redhead here is really looking superfine to me, not that she wouldn't anyways.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

Everything here is correct.

me melodia said...

I die for that Equinox dress and Tunic.


elise from elmer olsen models.
toronto!! yup. we grow 'em.


Litz Harly said...

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