did you see the lights

Oh maaannnn, THIS JAM is really getting me today.

Don't sleep on Steve Miller Band, homies. This is some mystical makeout shit right here!
Where's my stoner love tent when I really want it?

Happy Sunday!


Kylie said...

Something inside me just gets SET OFF when I hear Steve Miller Band. I don't even know what kind of voodoo magic it is, but I don't hate it. Totally jamming to this right now...


Pudgie said...

"We 're Lost In Space"

Much dap to the typo-graphix.

Awesomeallday said...

Is it wrong that when I see words on a screen I start singing along? Is karaoke that ingrained in my blood?!

Anjoli Wax said...

I don't want to lost in Space. I love my earth very much.

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jill said...

i did have a high school make out sesh to the steve miller band...it was interesting. your gaga post was epic!

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