good girls gone bad

What? Can you SAY that AGAIN? I'm sorry, can you speak up? I can't HEAR YOU over the CLOPCLOPCLYDESDALECLOMPING of my INSANE MARGIELA PLATFORMS.

I may have lost the "line", as it were. These are really not shoes for any sort of sane lifestyle- GOOD THING I DON'T LEAD ONE.

I have been stalking and daydreaming about the brown leather sandal version of these (obvi, Jane has a pair) and when Stevie DRAGGED me to the Margiela sample sale on Saturday, I had a minor cardiac infarction when I learned that they not only had them, but they were 70% off.

ALAS, dear readers..the size gods were not on my side (although they were a perfect size for Kat and so we got her a pair).

Instead I came away with these white leather & wooden platformed bananaboats. In my mind they are Lady Miss Kier by way of a Japanese Ganguro girl times a rebigulator (that is the machine that makes things giant, duh). Not only did I score some badonkers Margiela for $89 American, I am CRAZY TALL when I wear them and that is always ALWAYS awesome.


Amanda said...

hell yeah! i got the same but black/brownish color at their last sample sale. so scary tall..i gotta pull them out and get some balls

laia. said...


ps. i love seeing your changing computer backgrounds hahaaha

Katy said...


Isabel said...

These are so so good! I actually like them better than the maryjane ones. Excellent find! bravo!

Rosé Magritte said...

I agree! The white ones are so much greater, the size gods knew what they were doing, yo.

Villedela said...

The white pair is so fun and looks amazing with the black tights!

Kylie said...

I'm glad the brown ones were a no-go cos i like the white ones about 1000 times more. Yay, socks and sandals in the winter, here we come!


hard liquor; soft holes said...

they are obviously the best!

DRAGGED you. hahaha.


those are so cute.

SabinePsynopsis said...

I've been eyeing these (or similars) for a while, but I just can't imagine myself walking in them. Maybe on a bicylce...? But I love the idea of being soooo tall!

liz said...

Oof, I'm so jealous! Perfect! Perfect!

Unknown said...

I'm a little slow-sorriez, just found your blog! I think these shoes AS THEY BE are totally mint! Jea-Lust!!

Tavi said...


i LITERALLY gasped when i saw them

The Fancier said...

Kick-ass shoes!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT !!! :D :D

Side Street Style said...

Wow wow wow those shoes are amazing....how tall do they make you?? For really big shoes they look pretty comfy though :)
Laura xxx

Unknown said...

Such cool shoes, and a ridiculous price. I'm moving to New York soon and hoping to pick up some sample sale bargains....you'll have to give me some tips.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are INSANE, in the best possible meaning of that word.

ELLE said...

They are literally the best things I've seen all month!

Jess said...

GREAT find!

Christine Fuki said...


Unknown said...

So, this comment is SO OBVIOUSLY late, but it's about fashion, and fashionably late is good. SO, RIGHT. Do these run true to size, a little big, or a little joan smalls? WHAT IS THE DEALIO. Thanks for your time, internet friend.

Anonymous said...

if you don't want those babies and assuming that you are a size eur 39, i will gladly take them off your hands. JEALOUSS x

william said...

THANK YOU for the lady miss kier reference. I feel like people should not have been so quick to forget her.

Wholesale Flea Market Goods said...

That's would seem to be the perfect one replacing the one that I had thought about gifting a good friend of mine on her birthday. This would just sound to be the perfect one that would just make it to be the best pair she would like to have.

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