hidden talents

Oh, i forgot to tell you. I thrifted some tap shoes this weekend as well.

Look at those patterns in action...I surprise even myself sometimes.
(Patent leather tap shoes from a Southampton thrift, $7 // Grey satin ribbon perfectly tied & applied by Kat's mom // impromptu dance routine courtesy of my childhood dance classes)

PS, check that SHAG CARPETING, do you die? Kat's house in Quogue is my favorite place in the world, I swear.

photo by Louise Sturges


Katy said...

Those shoes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great shoes. :D
I love when people try to fake dance. They just look like they have a squirrel in their pants. xD

Colleen said...

Hells yes shag carpeting. Bad for allergies, awesome for love making / playing with Barbies on the floor

Isabel said...

Do they clickety clack? I always wanted a pair of those...

laia. said...

ten kinds of awesome.

Anonymous said...

The color of that carpet is awesome. Great pic.

liz said...

Tap shoes, patterns, shag carpet...sigh. I love this blog.

Unknown said...

your leggies look so damn cute in this pic...with your tiny feet

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Fun mix of patterns.


alexandra said...

love this pic; very juergen teller-ish, no?


Betty said...

one of the good things about not having grown taller since like..sixth grade, is that I still have the same feet size, which means I'm definitely inspired to pull out my old tan tap shoes from back then!

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