in my dreams

One day I will do something worthy of allowing me to appear somewhere wearing this outfit.
I am completely serious, I consider this a PERFECT LOOK.

Ok, let's get real. I would wear this anywhere, forget "spesh occasions".  
Let's fangirl all over it, shall we?
1. Off-kilter bouffant. No one really needs to see this much of my face, btw, but I still would love to walk around like this. Mental note, buy giant bumpits and DIY it.
2. White mink shoulder stole straightjacket topper. Lurve.
3. Long flowy sequined skirt (dress?)with whats-his-name on it, increds. 

and and AND:

4.A JUDITH LEIBER BAG. I have always had a dark secret love for JL novelty bags..they are so synonymous with expensive tacky aunt but I LOVE THEM.  

Whyyyyyy wouldn't you want a bejeweled pavé glittery forestdwelling creature slung across your body that you can fill with superimportant things like red lipstick, stray pennies, a button from god knows what, airplane peanuts, a lucky rock, grape hubba bubba and $11 dollars american (TMI?)

Here it is! Gimmmeeeee:

Or this one:


UNFORTCH FOR OL' WL, these sweet, sweet jazzholes cost like, $3,800+ bones on the average and SO it reallllyyy REALLY will never be my own personal intense pleasure to own one. Very sad, this thing we call real life.


Birdie! said...

I so need to buy some bumpits. I mean, besides the fact that they're called bumpits.


Mkay, I'm done now.

Dee said...

That peacock will be mine. When I grow up and get a job.

corrie said...

when chrissy and i were snuggie hunting for you, we stopped for a minute in front of the bumpits and contemplating buying them instead. why didn't we?!?

T-Bonz said...

Wait. Waaaiit. Really? Judith Leiber bags? Wow. The things I don't know about my own flesh and blood.

Isabel said...

Who is the sequin dude? Michael Jackson in the 70s? I don't quite get it.

Unknown said...

Peacocks, roses, MJ, sequins, owls and bumpits (from flat to fabulous). This post has it all! Serially though, i love the idea of a straight jacket stole and a bejewelled owl bag.

laia. said...



Unknown said...

Good luck in fulfilling your dreams of wearing this outfit together with the to-do list you posted here. I thought these dreams of yours are worth achieving.

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Unknown said...

I love these bejeweled items. It’s fabulous and very eye catching.
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Unicorn Alliance said...

I want a bumpit.
I've got short hair butt, I'll make it work ;]]



liz said...

Oh, the peacock bag, unnfffff. And sigh.


ummmm... excuse me I have anew layout and humungoid pics finnnaly and didn't say anything
didn't go unnoticed ;)

Anonymous said...

First: that rose bag is so amazingly perfect that it's like it reached into my brain and created a dream I once had.

Second: WHERE CAN I GET A BUMPIT IN ENGLAND? Although I admit that at first I thought 'bum pit' rather than 'bump it.'

Ms. Frances said...

Airplanes don't feed people peanuts anymore, silly.

White Lightning said...

fgray: i beg to differ! i was on an airplane last week and they totes gave me peanuts! i write from reality.

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