karma chameleon

In addition to the superiorbrainwaves which produce things such as white latex Where the Wild-er Things Are outfits, I believe that the HAUS OF GAGA has determined a way to make some sort of atomizing DNA replicant elixir...

AMA performance, H.O.G. (haahahaha) exoskeleton bodysock..Gwen Stefani head transplant?

Post-AMA CASUAL: Vint Dior Homme + MMM + H.O.G = my always favorite era of Madge- Dick Tracy/Truth or Dare 1990/1991 ? (clearly her biggest influence, mine too, I just just KEEP IT ALL INSIDE)

RaRaOhhLaLa in A. Wang glasses...channeling Carol Channing?

Dear Haus of GeeGee, please send me a sample of this fantasgreat facechanging juice.

I will take 1 oz of Empire Records-era Liv Tyler

1 oz of Bjorkitude in this picture

and a spritzer of Marianne Faithfull

UPS or FEDEX, it's cool, whatever you prefer. THEEENKSSSS,


Unknown said...

What a bloody brilliant post....thanks for making my morning bearable. I'd take 1oz Devon Aoki, 1oz Zippora Seven and a spritzer of Debbie Harry.

Isabel said...

Duuude, this performance was insane! I nearly shit my pants when she broke all of those bottles on the piano. SO BADASS.

Unknown said...

Gwen with her transformation, it’s just wasn’t the same as the old days when she was with her band.

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Unknown said...

Fabulous blog post, bjork looks great on that second photo.

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Colleen said...

A lot of pop stars channel Madonna, but her early 90's era is EXTREMELY under rated. I have a feeling that it's going to become very hot again quite soon...:) (then you can let your inner self be free!)

josephine said...

I. love. empire. records. (and you!)

lola smalls said...

I must say that I have to give you mad props for pointing out Gaga's swagger-jacking of Gwen Stefani. I've said that since she came out but no one believed me.

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