my apologies

My latest Epiphany is up at StreetCarnage, in which I admit my embarrassingly gross bone fantasy for Chad the Bowlcut.

Please forgive me, I love you all Check it!

EDIT i had no idea CHAD would be so polarizing...we've all heard of JOKES, right? justttt checkinggggggg.


Crystal said...

Wow, they are horrible over there.
I try to avoid that site usually, but I dug your post. It happens to the best of us (Jesse McCartney, get on my body! please?)

Anonymous said...

Um...Thank you for the apology? That is definitely one unexplainable crush!

Isabel said...

Hmm, I'm generally a sucker for that hairdo as well but this guy just ain't doing it for me.

Peanut Leigh said...

hahaha i thought he was kinda cute too but didn't want to admit it

{uninhibited fashion}

Psyched and Such said...

ONLY watch this show cause the boyfriend likes it but, that being said, wouldn't say no to a hate hump.

Aviva said...

I'm obsessed with Chad's OCD but you... you're a gay man Elizabeth. Had no idea.

ps my favorite thing EVER on the show is when he travels and packs his toiletries into individual Ziploc bags. Two separate recorded incidences caught on film to date!

LDF said...

That Street Carnage crowd is tuff.
Not even insightful, just mad.

quartzneptune said...

I think you're getting off easy. My sick secret crush is David Caruso.

Malicious Mallory said...

OMG! He is cute! My mother watches that show, and I always think he's cute, but he's constantly hairspraying! Hahaha, even I don't use that much hairspray.

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