"the ringer is the uniform for indie rockers"

I can't fully form sentences after watching this House of Style clip from 1994. (theme of the weekend, apparently)

The launch of x-girl!

Pregnant Kim Gordon ("I hope she's a riot grrl!"), Sofia + Spike Jonze still together and sooo young, Chloe Sevs in the runway show, shoutout to Sofia's friend "Marc Jacobs", Bull in the Heather video, X-LARGE/Liquid Sky shoutout! Oh god it goes on and on, THIS IS EVERYTHING.

If you were ever curious about my 10th grade style and aspirations...watch this video and you will know. Where is all my x-girl clothing?!?

Thank you, THANK YOU for sending me this Marisa, you just made my LIFE.


Isabel said...


I need a fucking time machine.

Peanut Leigh said...

hahah this is amazing!

{uninhibited fashion}

laia. said...

i still have a lil x-girl foldable catalog malarky!

Stefanie said...

hahahaha 'i hope she's a riot grrl' made me laugh so hard
when this came out i was 5 :(

not keren said...

daisy von furth is cute! i googled her and found these treasures:




good sunday reading!

not keren said...

ps where are MY x-girl shirts also?! i had one that said "hotel de x-girl" and another with a pineapple. that, coupled with me skateboarding, ball chain necklaces, and rainbow shoelaces: totally 90s.

not keren said...

GAH!!!! we need to find this!!! I used to have Dirt magazine but it's at my parents house in CA!

Did you have previous fashion experience?
Yeah, I was doing some styling for rock bands, like I helped out Sonic Youth for a lot of their photo shoots, and I styled some music videos. And before that I had interned in the fashion department at Sassy magazine and at Mirabella. I styled a fashion shoot that Spike Jonze shot for Dirt, Sassy’s magazine for boys. The model was this cute kid named Marc Ronson and it was about the lost generation of 1978, people who graduated in 1978. Like alligator shirts and puffy down jackets and Rod Lavers. Like preppy but disheveled.

Style Scanner said...

That's hilarious.

jen said...

love this! thank you! this was one of my favorite years. i remember when $60 was a lot...

Kristin said...

i saw this on MTV in like 1994-95? and was 1000% sold. I made a road trip to the nearest XLARGE store in Seattle to get in on x-girl. My senior photo I'm wearing an x-girl shirt.I knew there's a reason why we frienz. It's in our DNA.

microtard said...

Yeah my x-girl shirts are long gone. I remember having 2 logo tees (white and blue), a red/navy ringer tee and some weird purple turtleneck. These were all PRE-BOOBS and would thus not fit me even if I did still have them, sadly. Their pants? Never fit me.

Tavi said...

yes you DO need to find your old xgirl. this is AMAZING.

Six Six Sick said...

I feel like Proust eating the madeleine. The memories! I still refuse to throw out my old x-girl prep faux-fur lined jacket even though I haven't worn it since I was 15. It's weird to me that the brand still exists in Japan.

OH, and Happy Birthday!

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