scorpio eat scorpio

Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette ! Happy Day of the Dead, Mexico ! Happy full moon, werewolves and the criminally insane!

the face of an adult (?)

Oh and...
It's my birthday, today?

How did that happen?
Another year older (ew), not too sure about wiser.. (Eh, overrated.)

I can unequivocally say that the past 365 days have been unlike any other in my entire life.
The biggest ups and downs and sad and happy and crazy and fun and carefree and worrisome and exciting moments of my life so far, TRUESTofFAX.

I can't decide if I am sad to see it end or relieved to put it behind me...mabes a bit of both?

Well anyway.
Here's to SCORPIOS, the sexy assholes of the zodiac.
I intend to have a pretty good day.


Lauren said...


Tavi said...

EEEEEEP don't answer your phone when i call this afternoon, i'm going to leave you a message

Isabel said...


Sunshine said...

of course you're a scorpio... all the great loves of my life are.
happy birthday lady!

Style Scanner said...

Happy birthday Ms Scorpio. x

rem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rem said...

happy birthday.


Unknown said...

happy b-day fellow scorpio!

jenn. said...

happy birthday! scorpios ftw; only 13 days til i'm 21!... :/.

TobyOliverDean said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! funtimes funtimes

Katy said...


brendan donnelly said...

happy bird day

Unknown said...

Happy birthday. Your face in that picture is def. a birthday face.

WendyB said...

I'll be relieved to put this year behind me. I wish I'd have limited amnesia, in fact, to forget I'd ever lived through it. Happy birthday.

Amelia Anne Flores Ireland said...

happy birthday. i'm a big secret fan of yrs... and i was going to write this really long stalker-esque girl crush fan mail about how we have the same birthday and we're prob around the same age and how it's destiny etc etc etc...and i changed my mind. so happy birthday fellow 90's loving scorpio. keep it up!

Rachel said...

scorpio powahhhhh

happy birthday!

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