So MUSIC HEAVY on the bloggyblog lately! I can't help it, there's so much I'm excited about right now.

SLEIGH BELLS! Brooklyn's latest dopeshow.

I saw 'em this weekend at The Studio at Webster Hall and for a band with only about 7 songs, not only was it RAD, it was buzzbuzzbuzzaaaay. [According to people who know better than me, there was no less than like, 10 rekkid label people there and just FYIIIIIII...The Studio is like..the size of the Mercury Lounge.(translation..this shit is about to BLOW UP, dudes)]

They're some punishinglyloudgood electronic sounds: a boy on a guitar, and a girl bringin the noise.
I am officially a big fan of Alexis (said noisebringer) as she is foxy and her bangs stayed pretty much perfect as she was rocking out and dancing and raging.

How you keep yo hair so perfect, gurl?

CROWN ON THE GROUND! Get into this stompynoise..I am feeling like I need music to bash around to lately and this is totally it.

PS: When yr bff texts you 6 months from now about the sold out Sleigh Bells show at Bowery Ballroom and have you heard of them because they are kinda dope? you can tell them you heard about that shit EONS ago on WL. I am doing you a favor here, it's because I like you so much.


Crystal said...

Ring Ring is the best. Repeat repeat repeat. All day.

Henry said...

Sorry I have to disappoint you, but they were already featured on fluxblog a month ago :DD

Lauren said...

i LOVE these guys! ...but do you know what i love more?? YOUR BLOG :)

Stefanie said...

omg wut i love it

maddie said...

Newfound music crush? I think yes - thanks WL!

Mary said...

I made a video for "Crown on the Ground"! Watch it!

Harry said...

New stuff!


microtard said...

'Crown on the ground' is pretty boss-- but how much of that can be attributed to DMX, you know? Next time I get a minute away from DAS INFANT I will try and see them live.

Pho said...

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