tiny cupcakes are the new tiny hamburgers

Last Thursday, if you recall, me and Veevs cohosted a lil shindig at the Korres store in Soho to celebrate the launch of Studio Beauty Mix's Beauty Channel.

Once again, my friends proved to be DOPEST and came out in droves to support and eat tiny cupcakes and drink fruity cocktails and sample makeups and display general raditude.

Andreas, Corrie and Chrissy. Later that night Corrie and Chrissy would convince Kat and I that not only did we need Snuggies DESPERATELY , we need them in LEOPARD PRINT. (I thnk it;s gonna change my world view)

Mercedez and Andrew came. Cedez was a vision in bejangled and accessorized fantasgreatness, as per usual.

Carlen, Keren and dude I do not know (hi! thanks for coming!)

TRUDATZZZZZ...extra points for Trudy for coming to an event that I think she wouldn't normally be chillin at..

Shirley has a new blog, PARTY A DAY where she...goes to a party a day. We made the cut!

I couldn't stop petting Kat all night long. I challenge you to try NOT to stroke that white fluffy wonder!

I finally got to meet Tiffany of SixSixSick, yaaayyyyyy..Hear head accoutrment was beyond incredz.

There was some serious ACCESSORIZING going on (please note the aforementioned HEADTHING on Tiffany, above)

NICOLE'S TIGHTS! ooommmggggg. Sexxxayyyyyyytimes! You could just barely see the tops when she was standing normally, they are hot.

ADF was KILLINNG ITTTTTT with his SOCK AND SHOE GAME! Opening Ceremony saddleshoes & blue n green bald eagle socks = amaze.

WHATTTTTT IN THE WHAT...I need lightning bolt nails!

Laia, killing me softly with her Acne Atacomas. SIGHHHHHHH

Crystal's necklace...silver bones. I want it. (secret goth)

There was also a "kissing booth"...I think most people were scurrred although a few were really going for it, namely THESE TWO LOVEBIRDS:

Get a room? JAYYY KAYYYYY. Go ahead, this is a friendly space.

We didn't make out, I swear.

This is Ben. First he tried to order a cocktail from me (flattering!) and then requested to be in on the kissin. I obliged because I am a PEOPLE PERSON.

Check this seduction scene, I was trying to TALK to her, about like, you know..the WEATHER and the YANKEES...

...And then I just fell into her trap. I was so entranced by the furry vest and those GINGER WAVES, it was like a safe warm hug from the fabric softener bear..who then wants to make out with you. KAT, YOU MINX.

A seriously fun fun night, thank you everyone who came!!!!


THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

this is so interesting because I felt like YOU were seducing ME...

you are after all a scorpio and we know how covertly sultry your sign is.

Kristin said...

i watched the promo kissing/make up videos for this event and it made my feel weird in my pants. and squirm in my seat with discomfort. weird mix. that's all i'm sayin'

Katy said...

Haha, sounds like fun! Those are some super duper tights.

corrie said...

Haha yes! And I was trying not to pet Kat all night. So fluffyyyyyy.

CRHEE said...

Thanks for such a fun night! You're quite the host. I have to admit, I think I did pet Kat quite a bit.

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