In case I decide to finally put out that Aphex Twin covers record, I gots the cover art ready and steady.

Last Sunday, the beach at sunset. After a bourbon&rum filled cup of eggnog, and right before our fingers became paralyzed from the cold.
I don't even know what I am doing here, but the hood alone on this thing is about 4 times the size of my head and so...I look like an ewok. No, I look like a jawa. Wait, I just made 2 Star Wars references...is that hot?

The most insanely huge giant thick nubbly hooded cardigan coat is veentahge Cloak (RIP! Remember Cloak?), an old gift from an old friend // gold superhero leggings (I only wear them with this sweater) are AA obvs // suede lace-up boots are Dolce Vita gift from UO (theeenks)

Photo by Louise Sturges, thanks Lou


Awesomeallday said...

Hahaha You look like the Ghost of XXXmas future from scrooged.

Rosé Magritte said...

oh my god you like Aphex Twin? web high fives ALL AROUND

laia. said...

woah woah woah.
i feel like youre really becoming white lightning... knowwhatimsayin?

harness that power!

...the who cares girl... said...

love it.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

the best damn fashion witch i ever done met.

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