I just unpacked all my winter stuff and I think I'm gonna start wearing boots again? Haven't been feeling them at all til right now, they looked weird? But now...I like.

1960's crazypaisley flannel minidress // Eley Kishimoto LIGHTNIN BOLT! tights // vintage knee high harness motoboots from the only vintage store I found in Rome (2002?! dios)

Tell me...why don't I wear these tights every day??


Colleen said...

oooo dig the paisley...as for boots, I'm not sure where you live, but here in Ohio we can't really get away with not wearing boots whether we like it or not!

mukelarvin said...

Tight lightning.

nicc said...

I want your muther fucking boots. So. Badly. Stacked heels make me woozy.

Unknown said...

Yes, why haven't you been wearing the tights or boots? Mad combo with the paisley...brilliant!

moesha said...

sick boots. i just started wearing mine and i can't take them off now. i'm in boot mode

Isabel said...

Epic pattern mixing! You are like no other.

Meagan said...

love those boots!


Katy said...

You don't wear them every day because if you did, they'd get worn out and have holes in them and that would be truly catastrophic. I love this outfit!

Sailor Jamee said...

you should prrrrobably consider wearing those on a daily basis. and, those boots are superb.

Anonymous said...


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