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Just got the lookbook for The Row, S/S 2010.
It successfully combines multiple interests of mine: Stuff on your head, Hanna Liden photography and tribal bodypaint (win/win/win)

Birchwood Top

I am slightly hypnotized by this shot.
If this model had any sort of a rack it would seem almost like a goth John Currin.
In fact, most of the shots feel very painterly to me?
I fear (know) I am not sylphlike enough to wear The Row but I like the way this gal looks. 1880s/1980s, (or somethin).
I do NOT fear those shades however...MUST HAVE THOSE SUNGLASSES..when did they start making accessories? I LOVE.

Barton Jacket

Hello Ursula, I love your face. I love this dried bouquet headpiece, bodypaint-as-bodysuit and that washed leather jacket, gorgeouz.

Morgan Jacket

Think I need more jackets in my life. If this has pockets, it may be perfection.

Landry Skirt

Is this leather? Is this latex?
Can I have it? Can I wear it with that jacket I posted above it? (Burning questions)



Anonymous said...

I agree! Those sunglasses are my favorite from everything in the lookbook!

nicc said...

The tribal makeup makes me giddy. BRB painting my face with my own tribal makeup.

Unknown said...

The first and last shots, I likey. Something about gossamer sheer tops has always appealed to me and leather shorts...yes please.

erin said...

the first picture screams bob dylan gone glam to me... red skirt makes me melt.

Anonymous said...

wow...love the shorts & feather headpiece!

sd said...

whoa that red skirt makes me want to put my sandwich down....even though i am a guy haha.

Unknown said...

I feel sad that people think this is good fashion. I don't think there anything that would make a girl feel pretty in this lookbook. Can we crawl out of the Olsen's asses please? Not everything they do is awesome. :(

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