black thursday

They sell Mergiela-ela on Yoox now! Now Bjork and Lady Gaga can shop for "comfy day clothes" from their laptops in bed, praise Jah.

If you are SO INCLINED, all this bananaz finery can be yours just by clickyclickyclicking. OHHH the wonders of the internet!

If any of you have a spare $11,795 mabes you can holla at a gurl? That wig jacket has my name alllll over it.

All pricetag gasping aside, it's actually pretty amazing... a trove of MMM selections from 2005 to now, all kinds of random and cool stuff that if you can swing it you should absolutely have. (And send me pictures, because i want to see someone in THIS (there are TWO! One for me and one for you!)


Isabel said...

That disco ball shirt is SO YOU. I am dead serious.

laia. said...

topshop has some totally ca-razy hair coats...

Sunshine said...

dude can we make a record dress out of all my old mitch miller christmas albums?

KD said...

Lady Gaga has GOT to buy that disco ball top. I wish I could!!

Polly Farthing said...

Wow that wig jacket really is something! Disco Ball jacket is a must have for you I think!

Polly x

fashion westie said...

let's go hunt some wigs and make our own jackets.....

Kirsten Leigh Kuehn said...

im so going to buy some wigs and make a jacket haha!! love this i wish i could afford mehhh :o(


Kristin said...

girl, i'll make you a wig jacket.

Tam said...

oh mannnn i love the mirrored top! amazing. i actually would wear it too.

Glendy said...

OMG that top/dress on the right is effin' gorgeous!!! Love your style girl ;)

Much love,

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