bookend ambition

Some mornintime inspiration based on Madonna's 2 best looks which bookened that lil decade called THE NINETIES. (As I mentally/musically/sartorially/emotionally/conversationally never left the 90s, and White Lightning basically rides the line of 90s tributeblog...is this in any way SURPRISING, um nopes)

Supreme lounging around the housespiration, provided by Madge in her most perfect era: Blonde Ambition Truth or Dare 1990 Madonna (joygasm).

Satin boxing shorts, a black Gaultier bustier, a rosary (for when I am feeing contrite), a silk bathrobe, dancing gays. (No big deal).
She is perfect EVERY SECOND OF THIS MOVIE. It's crack. It's my happy place.

PS, I realized yesterday (during viewing #958 million) that Madonnz was 32 when she did Blond Ambition and that was a trillon years ago. Makes me feel like there is tons more to come in life, right? Right.

I also take solace in knowing that Gagaloo clearly watches it as much as I do; still waiting for her to wear a hooded frockcoat and a giant wooden cross (to go to the bodega?), a la the Live to Tell performance look.

Permanent hair envy & hipbone inspiration provided by sensual Earth mother dancepartylover Ray of Light 1999 Madonna:

Shocking revelations: I consider Ray of Light an almost perfect record (Candy Perfume Girl, shudder). OM SHANTI.


laia. said...

(isnt she rocking some Theyskens in that video?)

Unknown said...

i am with you!
love her. she is one of the last "real"
superstars. i am a bit worried about that fact.

Anonymous said...


liz said...

"White Lightning basically rides the line of 90s tributeblog"...one of the reasons why I keep coming back. 90s Madonna = yes please!

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