the craftiest of crafternoons

I have been dreaming and dreaming some more about the Comme des Garçons blanket coats from the second I saw those bumpyheadedpinkladies come tromping down the runways.


LOOOOOK AT IT. What a glorious thing. DREAMMAKER & HEARTBREAKER, that's what you are Ms. Kawakubo.


Sorry, where was I? OH RIGHT. Welllllll....I figured I might DIE without one and since my CASH FLOW does not allow for such acquisitions, I decided to take matters into my own (well-intentioned but not very sew-savvy) hands.

When I finally made a thriting/funtimes Philly date with my girl Sunshine, who is WAY more talented than I, I emailed her a pic of the coat and was like..can we also make these? She was like, duh, sure, no PROBS. AND I WAS FILLED WITH JOY.

So..how do you make one? First you hafta get the goods. What you will need is: a coat you wanna hack into, a blanket, an iron, a sewing machine (it COULD be hand-stitched but you might cry), and some thread. A dress form was pretty helpful, mainly because we were making this up as we went along.
No dress form? Make your little sister stand there for you while you poke her full of pins.

Men's army trench: $5.95. Crazy wool blanket: $2.95. Both from the thrift earlier that day. Clown painting: optional.

Got it all? Start that shit already! Cut up that coat! Fold the raw edge, iron that shiz, sew it up.

Please note I refused to take off the new fur I had ALSO thrfited. It made me feel like Sharon Stone in Casino. I am nothing if not weird.


So then you just...fiddle around with the blanket. We basically folded ours in 4 and cut the corner out (poncho ideas?). Then we sliced up the front and...pinned it and tried it on and til it looked right.

I decided I HAD to have pockets, because I always want pockets. So (with Sunshine's amazingly patient and helpful talk-through) I cut the pockets out of the trench, cut a slash in the blanket, and sewed them in! AMAZING.


And that is IT. Swear to Gagaloo, it was PRETTY EASY. The hardest/most annoying part (besides getting the drape right)? Sewing through a blanket. There is a LOT of FABRIC at times and it can make the machine a lil bit BITCHY. Other than that, it was pretty easypease. It took about..2 hours total, tops.

Would I have figured some sort of version of this out without Sunshine's help? Probably. Would it have looked nearly as good without Sunshine's help? ABSOLUTELY NOT. THANK YOU, SUNSHINE!!!


It's not perfect, it's not realdealholyfield, but I am pretty happy with it!

One thing I would've done differently: My coat was ginorm and so I had to move buttons around and do a lil sleeve doctoring to make it fit better. Sunshine used a perfectly fitted trench for hers and that was totally better.I love that we made the same thing but with 2 totally different results!


I am sure that Sunshine will post a much more comprehensive how-to on her blog if you need more specifics.


I am on such a DIYHIGH, guys! What project can I tackle next????


AFitz said...

Eeeeeh! love it!
You are def. more talented and famous than this kawakubo person, whoever she is.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

amazing. SO SO SO AMAZING.

laia. said...

this is so next level dude SO NEXT LEVEL.

Anonymous said...

Love this. The greens are genius.

tanya said...

it looks so good!

Jazzi McG said...

crafternoon delight! love it!

CRHEE said...

Sooo good! Turned out amazingly! Going to have to try. I want one!!!

Sunshine said...

best crafternoon ever. can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

This is soooo goood - I love it!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

fucking righteous babe.
i think this unemployed witchy white lightning is getting into the right kinds of arm situations.
so awesome.
can't wait to see it IRL.

thesmallviking said...

totally fabulous. and if i wasn't wearing pink mohair today, that is exactly what i would want. brrrr.

Tavi said...

YES. YES. YES. I might need to actually make one now just because MY EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED AND I SEE THE POSSIBILITIES.

And omg! Sunshine's!!!!


Isabelle said...

Oh wow, you rule the crafterzone.

You might like the Free Blood remix of Animal, have been listening to it nonstop.


Isabel said...

AHHH! You can do pretty much everything! On top of the world! Wowee!

Katy said...

Love it!!

liz said...

"DIY addicted" is the best way to be. Welcome to the club...

Unknown said...

whaaaat. you and tavi work this like no other. verrrry impressive.

Caroline said...

awesome! way to be crafty crafty craftaferson!

Heebie Jeebie Jaya said...

What the what?! Oh my... wha?! Totally impressive and my new weekend project.

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I love what you made! Really cute.
-The Trendy Fashionista

Christina Catherine said...




I knew there was a reason I got that children's trench from Buffalo Exchange. Now for the blankie.

Wolf Shine said...

You always find the easy way out, amazing.

Anyways, about the DIY, why not the Gaga crown from the video!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I love it! It's so amazing and wonderful. O.O

JJ said...

how much for the Clown painting? I'm paypal ready

thanks in advance!

yours in Christ,


Six Six Sick said...

Holy Jesus! MUST TRY THIS AT HOME. Looks as dopeshow as the real thing.

Forest City Fashionista said...

You two are fearlessly crafty, and I love the results. I'd be afraid to try something like this for fear I'd end up with just a destroyed trench and blanket.

Pigtails Rock! said...

OMFG!!! I am an old bat that can't sew shit nevermind having a go at crafting. I am famous for having badly stitched the tale of my bear as a nose in my diy classes at school. Can I come hang out with ya? I promise not to steal your green coat, Sunshine or your clown painting. (fingers crossed behind my back). Mwwwah!!!! lots of love from London town!

Nonita from: http://www.smvblog.com/nonita/

L said...

Ahh! I was just about to work on DIYing this during my winter vacation! Hopefully mine turns out as well as yours did!

Anonymous said...


Izzy said...

This is absolutely brilliant. I was looking at the men's trench and your choice of blanket and was feeling iffy at first, but you SO brung it. Great job!

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