SO yesterday my sister picked me up in the family car and we hit up the dirt Jerz for some Christmas shopping/Gaga car singalongs/mall mayhem.

My only mission was to find a Target that would still have some meager shreds of Rodarte chillin on their racks. Leave it to Tbonz the supershopper to guide us to HACKENSACK where treasures were still to be found!

We tried on a million things, and I wanted most of them but $$$ is not so flowin and so I left with only what I NEEDED TO SURVIVE.

The baby blue Swiss-dot dress, mustard lace skirt, and BOTH PAIRS OF THE KNEE SOCKS! Which I haven't seen anyone else with besides Tav when she debuted them at fashion week. 

Mustard lace skirt with nude tulle overlay & mustard perforated knee highs / Rodarte x Target
Self-altered chopcropped grey sweatshirt / Duane Reade
Brown perfect ankle boots / Prada
HEY GUESS WHAT MY FIRST INITIAL IS "E" necklace / Topshop (gift from my sis)

I. love. this. skirt. I love it! It is so pretty and strange. I don't think I own anything this prettygirlyfilmy, besides my mettalic Philip Lim Skirt from last year? I only want to wear it with my really old grey  tee that is 80% holes or this giant grey sweatshirt I cropped up. Or grey tights. Or grey knee socks. Just lots of old grey.

PS, how bonx is that necklace?!?! Totally flavin' it.

Mustard lace skirt with nude tulle overlay & mustard perforated knee highs / Rodarte x Target
Maroon suede & white wooden platforms / Pierre Hardy x Gap
Giant mess, blogger's own

Baby blue lace & tulle & Swiss dot dress / Rodarte x Target
Favorite red red red lipstick / Bombay by Le Métier de Beauté
A collection based on Rosemary's Baby that is "Junior's" is not exactly GIANT RACK FRIENDLY, just FYI-SLERS. The mesh top of this dress makes this a somewhat sexxxay situation, but that's not so bad sometimes, right?

My dress matches my wall
 Who's chapstick is that? WHOOPSY

I am gonna wear this on Christmas, cold weather be damned. I'm not really going outside, so who cares? Gonna need a cardigan though, SENSUAL CLEAVAGE doesn't really fly with Mom and Dad for family affairs.

Nude squareholed up kneesocks / Rodarte x Target
Gold metallic ankle boots / vintage

The OTHER kneesocks. Nude with all these little rectangular holes. Dope. I am so psyched on these, they were honestly the items I wanted most (besides the lace cardigans, which were long gone by the time I got to Target)

Other things I loved but had to leave behind were the floral raincoat, the cropped sherpa-y jacket (SO GOOD, SO SO GOOD! but at 50 dollars...ehhh I dont know. Kinda regretting leaving it but oh well), the navy lace skirt.
There was ONE leopard lace dress left and it fit my sister like it was made for her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if you can find it. You can't get dressed alone though..someone has to help ya with those back bows (The more you know).

Balls. Still thinkin bout the sherpa jacket. 
But you know what? FASHION GLUTTONY is not a good look and I am really really happy with what I got.

Mo' betta' pics soon, I am still not into my blogga photo groove in this new apartment...


corrie said...

all looks amazing on you. rack sitch is usually a good thing, if you don't have to sit in an office. and i want the knee socks damnit! i've bought nearly the entire collection but no kneesocks! did you get them in nj?

A Love Bizarre said...

grrrrrrl you know you are too awesome! I'm gonna go check out Target in pdx fo' sho!!

the StReeT chanteuse said...

ayyyyyy, I dig.
I dig it lots, Slim.
(p.s. I kind of have made it a slightly annoying habit to call everyone 'Slim' so don't take offense!)


twistofdynamite said...

I got the blue dress too! Loves. I really like the mustard-pairing sitch you've got going on with it. Nice job getting the goods.

moesha said...

everything about that color palette makes me feel extremely optimistic and happy. as soon as i have cashmoney after xmas i'm gonna drive out a target somewhere in the boonies where all the weird/cool stuff hasn't been picked apart yet and get krazii

Gabby said...

I got the yellow skirt and the blue dress too! I ordered the dress and was kind of worried how it'd look in person, but seeing it on you, I can't wait for it to come! Oh and those gold boots are so THE BEST. the best. i'm drooling.

Sunshine said...

gold boots kill

Jessica said...

looove those knee socks! my lame as hell target didn't even receive any.


AFitz said...

never knew a target collection could be so SEXY.
Love the ways you worked the knee socks. Those gold shoes are love.

liana said...

I LOVE your gold booties.
and i love those knee socks...
sounds like you got some good gear :)

Jazzi McG said...

so hot! you look great!

The Mussy Head Guild said...

WOAH, you can sure write! SAY WORRRD!

confessions of a marc addict. said...

this whole collection was just brilliant. i want that leopard lace dress so badly...but i have already resigned myself to the face that i'll never get it!

Emilie said...

I got the navy skirt and I love it. Mildly compensates for no swiss dot blue dress/nude knee socks. Those were my top items. Also grabbed a camisole but still kind of ehh. Skirt is top notch though. Those gold shoes are also sweet!

katthroatworld said...

i was gonna hit up the hackensack store, but i ended up going elsewhere, where there wasn't that much merch. =/ i should've gone!

Isabel said...

Gahh, that picture with the gold boots and swiss dots is like the Alice in Wonderland of my DREAMS. So jealous that I am not Amurrican and have no access to this collection.

Taylor Kitto said...

wow, i am in love with all of these outfits!
you are amazingggg, dear.

眼睛 said...


style-magnet said...


I dig. I dig a lot.

fashion westie said...

You are so lucky!!! The skirt and socks are a smart buy!!!

nicc said...

We bought the same skirt and stockings. And the o ly reason I didn't get that dress was because they were out of my size. All I can think of to say is "duuuuuuuuuude we bought the same things"

Caitlin said...

i loooove the sensual cleavage... i formed a crew a school for those of us with ample cups. you may join if you wish x

Wardrobe Chick said...

I just died and went to initial Heaven! My name also starts with an E and first reaction at the HUGE E on your neck was...JIZZ!

Erlinda Denise

amy said...


James P said...

those ankle boots are making me cum this christmas <3

firefly said...

Lucky you found the dress! I wanted one, but by now it is gone with the wind... I saw the yellow ochre/mustard skirt, I wasn't allowed to get it.<-(it was supposed to be a Christmas present for me though) I got a black lace cardigan, but now i don't have anything to wear it with!

Chloe said...

So jealous of the socks! I tried to get those, but I just couldn't find them!


CoocooforCoco said...

I'm pretty jealous of the blue dress. It is a complete travesty that this collection came out before Christmas when I had absolutely no money to spend on myself and now I can't find it anywhere. Well goddamn.

...the who cares girl... said...

sob...oh the goodness of the mustard next to the baby blue.

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