future dirty librarian

I actually found glasses I like! On MY OWN FACE..this never NEVER happens.

All thanks to Jordan & Erik at Silver Lining Opticians. Kinda can't wait to get them back! I haven't worn glasses on the regs since 7th grade. But my eye doctor says I'm suffocating my eyeballs fro VANITY and SO...time to try something new (just more often, not ALL the time).

Bigger better post on Silver Lining & dope shades to come next week. Hopefully I will get these glasses with my actual nerd scrip in 'em back soon. Let's see how stoked I am then (coke bottle alert).


Isabel said...

You look HAWT!

Dude, I have to wear glasses all day every day. I guess my "fashion" has sorta morphed around them?

laia. said...

foxy as all get out!

chwalisz. said...

You look great! Nice glasses.

brendan donnelly said...

"lemme guess...you're name must be something like melissa"

keep em, they look cool

kate said...

defenetly keeppss :) will you over look my blog and give your opinion on ways to improve please, thanks http://get-style-all.blogspot.com/

Rachel said...

oooh, those look great! I just got new glasses too and I am also so used to wearing contacts every day. It's weird to go back to glasses but I'm really digging them (I've only had them a day). I'm excited to see more pictures with your glasses.

moesha said...

you look wicked fuckin pissah

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

that's where i got mine. are those the same ones i have by anglo-american? i really wanted the matte tortoise by silver lining, but those things were like $600 pre-lenses. ouch!

liz said...

My eye doctor told me the same thing, I just haven't gotten around to getting "cute" glasses yet (however, I have a million pairs of fun sunglasses....doesn't that count?). You are adorable.

Unknown said...

do you have more pictures of you and your glasses?

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