hey mister deejay

One more day and then this strangest year of all years is over.

So without futher ado, and in no particular order, my favorite favorite super favorite songs of 2009.
A short list of the songs that got major play in my brainspace in the past 365- at least the ones that were new this year...I can't put Steve Miller's Serenade or The Breeder's Divine Hammer on this list, no matter how many times I've played them (and played them, and played them, and played them...)

If you have been playing along at home- all of these have been featured, and most likely hyperbolically exclaimed over, on this very blog. Enjoy.

KID CUDI Day N' Nite (Crookers Remix)

I listened to this song through almost the entirety of June, maybe exclusively. This REMIX is the realdeal dope version of this song, with the 90s danceparty breakdown in it. Glowsticks vibe.
It makes me think of perfect summer and Portland and happy days spent alone riding my bike nowhere. (lonely stoner?). It reminds me of the Vision Quest and Kat & Jillyballs & Cube & Kevin. It's my summer (I miss it).

GIRLS Lust for Life

Speaking of sunny days...This was another song I played all summer long.
Christopher Owens is the perfect representation of all the boys I dreamed of when I was 14; a River Phoenix/Evan Dando/Dave Pirner lovechild in floral leggings and flippy hair. sighz.
I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine.

YACHT Psychic City (Voodoo City)

Yacht makes me think of BDonns and our college dorm commune with Marisa in Portland in August..and Claire showing me some of the absolute best thrifting in the USA..if you don't mind the meth-y vibes. I also content that they are one of the best live shows you ever will see..ayayayayah

BEAR IN HEAVEN Lovesick Teenagers

The title alone kills me. Lately I walk around the city with this blasting on my headphones. It makes the artcic winds here way more easy to tolerate.

DAS RACIST  Combination Piza Hut & Taco Bell

Hey, it's my blog. I love this fucking jam. Jamaica Avenue whatwhat.


How do you not love the Pains?!? Do you have a black heart? Do you not long to have the happy ending in the John Hughes movie, ever? It should also be noted that I went to see them play at Mercury Lounge in February wearing my DIYd Lady Gaga hairbow made out of hair that matches my hair and so this song makes me think of that; hopping around with that ridiculous thing on my head. This song makes me happy.

CASS MCCOMBS Dreams Come True Girl

I mean. Come on. This one may be non-dude friendly, who cares.
Did you get a mixtape with this on it this summer? I did. You didn't? I am truly sorry for you.
Listen to it in the dark.

SLEIGH BELLS Crown on the Ground

My deep love for this band has been well documented on this blog, and my facebook and my twitter and Street Carnage and the New York fucking Times.
...I think you know how I feel. This song makes me want to rage in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

LADY GAGA Bad Romance

When she sings I DONT WANNA BE FWIENDDDDSSSSSSSS...I die a little from hilarious true love. I need to meet her in 2010 or die tryin.

NEON INDIAN Should Have Taken Acid WIth You

Sometimes I see parts of my life in my head like a weird movie...this is part of the soundtrack of the 2nd half of 2009, for sure. I think it's a pretty sweet sentiment, really. But then again I am slightly demented.


I have never been an Animal Collective fan but this album totally seduced me from the first listen...Merriwether Post Pavilion came out this year during a seriously dark notgood actually horrible period in my life (omg, I like, totally have those) and I think I listened to this record a thousand times. I remember walking home from the train at 5 AM in a snowstorm after another night of weird fights and crying with this on my headphones and feeling like maybe this should be the only song I ever listen to ever again.
I still feel that way...but this song makes me happy now. It's hopeful, right?
I still have a bit of a fucked up pavlovian resonse to this album tho, it totally makes me tear up at inappropriate times WHOOPS.

Other faves on megrepeat this year:
BANG BANG ECHE Fist Full of Dollars
CITY WOLF Where is My Mind (pixies cover) 
MIKA MIKO I Got A Lot (New New)

What did I forget?


Taj said...

I've listened to MWPP at least 100 times since it came out(no joke'-')
I love the part in In The Flowerswhen he says"and you smile and say I love this so-oh-ong"!(i diediedie)
Cool list!

Suzy said...

you're so dead-on.

i ended a serious friendship this year because his heart was, in fact, black. and, wouldn't you know it, he HATES The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. jagweed.

Lauren said...

you pretty much have the best taste ever. found mika miko thanks to your blog and am in love!

brendan donnelly said...

i miss our commune!

kristaaaay said...

woa woa woa. major boner for that cass mccombs song.

T'Nealle said...

awesome list... thanks for coming to see us by accident ... your blog is super amazing <3

PL Underwood said...

Nice picks, Lizzie, but your list reminds me that the world seems to have run out of good band names. Girls? XX? The Pains of Being Pure at Heart? Ugh, ugh, and more ugh.

liz said...

there is an animal collective song on the film "Shortbus" that makes me weepy every time. I discovered your blog around the kid cudi time, and your obsession rubbed off on me. YES!

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