Wow/wow/wow. Shit got CRAZAY last night, right? S'now joke. (ew! hahahaaa.)

This is the hood of an old parka covered in fur scraps.
Purchased for $5 in Kansas City on this summer's Vision Quest.
It matches the fur collar of my coat perfectly. The overall effect is very FASHION YETI.

I lasted about 25 minutes outside last night.
You would think that having lived approximately 98% of my life on the east coast I would have some sort of snowppropriate footwear.
You would think wrong.

BACK ON THE SCENE. Let's post a shitload today and tomorrow, shall we?


rem said...

These might look cute with yer yeti coat...


Kristin said...

girl, wait til you catch a whiff of my bundly-up stuff.

Anonymous said...

KCMO shoutout! bitches! what what! okay i'm stopping now.

Anonymous said...


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