important: beauty notes

When I saw this picture in a tabloid a few weeks ago, I had an apoplectic seizure of joy.


Not only because MKO is wearing a perfectional animal print coat, one of which I am D-DYING for 


(incidentally, the one I want most is from her and Ashley's Elizabeth & James label, PLEASE SEE ABOVE...but I digress)

...but I am loving this pseudo-Chola lip situation. Let me note that in the tabloid, her lip looked MUCH more dark outline than it does there, and I am going with that.

I gave it a try the other night while slightly intoxicated and highly curious. Oddly compelling.

I have a feeling that much like my high-heeled Docs & Margiela platforms, favorite denim bubbledress and Coogi sweater, I may need to file this look under "Shit I Dig That Guys Find Hot Not At ALL" AKA the "Fuck You, I Love It" list.

One last note...Brand new Proenza is dope (Ashley), really,  but MK really is my Queen of Killing It. Weirdos FTW (the most appropz use of dorky internets slang ever).

Wait, one REALLY last note: MATCHING BAGS. Dieeeeeee-ing.


laia. said...

i think you need to combine all of these into one insane witchy-chola-BANANAS situation. some kind of blow-piaggi-yaeger-spiridakis continuum.

Sailor Jamee said...

most of the things i wear are things guys don't dig. but i love that because i could never date someone who wouldn't appreciate a unique sense of style!

Shay said...

MK kind of looks like Madonna in that pic dontcha think?

Fawn and Flower said...

Isn't it Ashley in the coat though? TWIN SCHOOL!

CRHEE said...

I think leopard and chola lipstick would look so good on you!!! ombre lips for 2010!!!

InnyVinny said...

Dude...if you're going chola-chic in the onesies (I refuse to call them the 10's...eww), don't forget your eyebrowns. http://www.buzzfeed.com/scottspencerk/chola-girl-makeover-l2l


Katy said...

The shoes on the left are so, so wrong and yet so right. Especially in that context.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

man i've wanted that coat since it came out...was stalking it for months..then had an ebay alert for a year until kat managed to find one..now i gots to wait some years until it's approps.

as per chola lip scene..i wanna really wanna see the evidence of you rockin it mamacita!!

+matching bags...totally dieeee with you over that arm situation!

Anonymous said...


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