laters for you, oh nine

All I remember about last NYE was that Brendan did the Single Ladies dance and Ivan played the Seinfeld theme song at midnight. Other than that it was a wash, but the best thing about New Year's ( I guess) is that there is always another one! Tonight I shall tip my champs to another year past, and be thankful for the great friends that I have.

Thank you for reading my rants and obsessions and commenting and emailing and being completely better than best. I resolve to still be a weirdo in 2010, if you resolve to still be awesome. Deal? Deal.

So...what's your resolution? Tell me! Lemme live vicariously through you.



brandon said...

Bring more to my blogging/get involved with more fashion insiders/become a fashion insider/talk to Blogger/Twitter peeps like you more often!

brendan donnelly said...

dont forget that ivan played the seinfeld theme at 12

one way boomerang said...

obtain (and use) a public library card :) oh and get a job I actually enjoy

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

1. to host some kind of dinner/cocktail/craftnight/pictionary party once a month.

2. to eat more fruit.

3. to paint more.

4. to eat more hot sauce with you on the regs!

happy new year guapa!!!!!!!!

cougs said...

i would pay money to see mr. donnelly do that dance. just sayin.

Aviva said...

My resolution is to only check this blog 5 times a day and to stop getting depressed when you're sleeping or have stepped away from the internet, thus making Twitter boring.

caro. said...

get my driver's license!!! it's been two years since i got my permit . . . yikes

Tavi said...

"there is always another new years"...until you're DEAD. but we don't talk about that.

HAL said...

My resolution was to stop smoking, but I already did that since I'm preggers. Cool blog, I'm following. xo


poppy:) said...

that was a way better new yaer blog then i did .yh .randomising

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

my resolutions are the same things i resolve to do for the entire year: exercise more, read more, watch less tv, &etc &etc

i do plan on getting a new apt in the next year, but i don't think that's a resolution. once i get the new apt, i plan on having a designated creation station where i will put my sewing machine which has been on top of my closet for the past five years because i haven't had room for it.

happy new year, elizabeth.


Han-omi said...

Hi. I tagged you on my blog..

...the who cares girl... said...

my resolutions were to bitch less and emphasize quality over quantity of my artworks. please continue to be a weirdo, I love it.

clairegrenade said...

I'd have to say aside from subscribing to your blog (one down, one to go!) my new year's resolution would include an attempt at making my own wallet out of fortune cookie fortunes

I think it can be done...

Cheers, dear! I've always loved the blog ;]

amy said...


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