the queen of the guidettes

Listen, GUIDOS are just one of our SUBCULTURES like all those craycray Japanese ones..right?

OMG, Snookie. Totes kawaii?
Guidettes ---- Gangura...sorta a fine line in my mind.

Recap coming, a truly enjoyable/horrifying two hours of television.


Colleen said...

You're telling me, I know a thing or two about Guidos. I went to a Guido high school, where my pale skin and Anglican name definitely made me stick out. Damn Guidos. SORRY I CAN'T TAN. (I have bad memories).

Isabel said...

Who is this Snookie character? I am slightly disturbed.

jesse.anne.o said...

Woah, I would have never put the 2 together but it makes sense. I am half I-talian and grew up in an area that was about 60% guido in NJ. I teased my hair, used Sun-in and had tips (on my nails). But still listened to metal?

Anonymous said...

Recap yes!!! How bout Snickers and that duck phone-wow. So much to discuss!

Unknown said...

omg brilliant comparison!
youre like so on to something here!

Anonymous said...

That Jersey Shore show is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen.

The night it premiered I ended up watching it twice in a row. On accident. I had MTV on in the background while I was doing an art project so I couldn't avoid it...

LDF said...

Here in Toronto, we call them "ginos" and "ginas." There is this amazing salon in Little Italy that specializes in those shaved-in design/frosted/faux-hawk guido haircuts. They all hang around outside and make sure their mum's cars don't get tickets.

Urban Lullaby said...

Uhh... i'm disturbed too.

Rowena said...


brendan donnelly said...


Psyched and Such said...

I've watched this episode more than once and my new life goal is to get drunk with Snookie.

also it made me buy wet n wild eye liner.

Heart Charlie said...

this is terrifying/fascinating!

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