rah rah ohmahgah

This is what we talk about when we talk about GENIUS.

GAGA BARBIES. Holy fucking moly. He has DIY notes and turtorials on his flickr as well!
I am speechless and full of awe and envy. 'veik11', I SALUTE YOU.

Now you know what I want for Christmas.

thanks kara!


laia. said...

yes yes yes.

hlb said...

i already made me a paparazzi gaga barbie. i stuck my hands together with super glue more than once. but man i want a kermit gaga to add to the collection.

so rad.

big love, hlb. x

tanya said...

so brilliant... i want the vmas gaga barbie.

Shay said...

those are fantasic. They'd be pretty awesome xmas gifts too...

Taj said...

this so radddddd!!
I want the red lace vmas barbie!!and the kermit barbie is so mental!!:)))))

Jazzi McG said...

yessss! i saw her last night! so good! and now i really want to make exoskeleton gaga barbie...

Shannon said...

oh. my. G. is he selling these? bc i would totes shell out some green for a gaga barbie.

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