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The latest installment of Spiridakis/Richter Crafternoon(night) was maaayyyybeeee our best?
There was the Lady Gaga bow day, and the crazy knots day..now we have moved onto the very refined world of PAPER CLIPS AND ELECTRICAL TAPE, inspired by the mystical and awesome Manu jangles that we love but sadly cannot afford.

We started with a table full of glitter n tape n shiny thangs and cookies (all important craft supplies, obvs).

And then...we got down to bidness? The whole thang is wayyyyy easy and fun to do, fer serious.
One word of ADVICE: if you get too ambitious on yer tangram triangle pattern, it starts to feel a lot like math class and it sorta hurts yer head. But if you freeflow it, it pretty much turns out doppppeee.

First attempt! I call it The Ripper, cuz the triangles remind me of YACHT.

Paperclips + electrical tape = approx $2.00 (not even)

Here's Keren modeling it for me.

Next: The Bjorn Borg cuz the neon is like a tennis ball (what?)

Paperclips + electrical tape + the paper label from the electrical tape covered with neon nylon string from the hardware store = I mean, I don't know, $2.50? If that?

Mr Christopher Palazzo; bringer of cookies, weirdness, polar bear hats and exotic animal skins:

 I mean..cmon, so good right?

Protoype for Bootsy Collins-esque weirdo glasses, inspired by Slanties:

Paper labels from electrical tape + electrical tape + nylon string + silver glitter = ??? Fiddy cent? I mean, it's mainly trash cept fer the glittah.

James Ryang: the fantastic photographer of the all the photos in this post and moonlightning sunglasses model:

YAY for photogenic friends!

How could a Tuesday night be any better?
Keren and I decided we will be doing this weekly, inviting a rotating third party to join in the crafterness.
I hope everyone likes these because this will likely be your Christmas present this year, oopsy.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday when we attempt fashion Snuggies (JK? For us to know, and you to find out)


pixie said...

ahhh I love these! Going to crafternoon my own!!

nicc said...

Jdidicuuyqiajajffjfjsos. Craaaaaffffftttssssssss

KD said...

I love crafts!! Those sunglasses are awesome beyond belief.

alexandra said...

brilliante! awesome jangles. i hope you use those googly eyes in one of your crafternoons because that would be so beyond amazingness. fauxrealz.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

so good, i'm especially fond of the first one..

i'd love to be a swing player...just putting it out there.

Stefanie said...

the tennis one is to DIEEEEE. send one to Canada!!!!!!!!

Jeni said...

What a great idea, I'd definitely by one of these! Love the pics too.


CoocooforCoco said...

Wow, those turned out great. Why would anyone ever buy that necklace when they could make it so easily? How inspiring.

Shay said...

nice one! I kind of wonder who's actually paying for the paper clip necklaces...It's a good idea, but charging money for that??

{Anna} said...

Haha. I love the glasses. x)
Your knot necklace was pretty amazing too though.

not keren said...



jk jk jk

googly eyes on a cock: next craft. palazzo models.

corrie said...


awesommmmmmmmme. pleaseplease let this be a weekly post.

Aviva said...

I'm so in love with your jangles you Crafty Christine you! I want the first one for Chanukah, 8 of em. We need to get down on some crafts next time we hit the road or visit each oths

Lauren said...

haha, your jangles are amazing! you are my fav blogger on the whole internetz.

Rachel said...

wow, those all look pretty awesome for being based on paperclips and such. can I join in your crafternoons? haha.

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

beautiful work. these would be perfect for the music vid im styling on monday, wish i had seen these sooner!!

OwlFace said...

your friends are BABEZ!

Rachel said...

yo, i want in next time ;)

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