Thank you W magazine, Craig McDean & Alex White for the sartorial pornographic bounty we are about to receive. (yellow brackets and !s, mine)

Rodarte S/S 2010 Alien cage shoes of certain death. Those heels are made of nuts n' bolts, right? Fantastically cunty looking. Do the Mulleavy sister secretly take out their aggression in their shoe design? Inquiring minds want to know. (PS: clear Prada bags, I don't hate it!)

Miu Miu S/S 2010! sighsighsighwowowowow. These are the shoes I dream of, they have everything i love and need.
Giant chunky pattern height! They are the juiced up version of the Miu Miu S/S 06 ka-pow print platforms I wish I had (I have these instead, still love them but they don't make me TALL and white patent leather doesn't age so great.).
I LOVE THIS COLLECTION. What a filmy sparkly muted lightbritedelight. I also want to be Siri Tollerod, if you want to know everything.
Obvi Chloe Sevs has been out and about in S/S 2010ness already and looked amazing. Jellyballs.

PRADA CHANDELIER HEELS, CHANEL CLOGS, PHI BOOTS. All S/S 2010, obvi. All desperately musthaveable. All in my dreams and hope and wants.

I know I am somewhat alone on this Prada shoe lust, but these plasticities are so many wrongs that fill me with rightdelight. CLEAR. CHUNKY HEELS. VELCRO. CRYSTALS. This is bananas and I am giddy. I want to wear them with dark grey ribbed tights and a beat up denim dress and be happier than I have ever been, mmkay?

I never stopped loving clogs and at least now I can get them skyhigh (if I win the lottery) from the Haus of Karl. Clogs4lyfe.

DISCUSSION POINT: PHI makes the DUH-HOPEST chunkyclunkybitchy ankle boots EVER. Kinda wonder why they aren't more on the forefront of internet WANT buzz? I COVET THEM SO HARD.

Please let the record reflect that Phi is my number one WANT for S/S 2010. DEAR ANDREAS MELBOSTAD, TAKE PITY ON ME. Please send boots, must have to live. K, theeenks.


900 million other looks with the rest of the slideshow here.


T-Bonz said...

I think a clear bag would make me feel like a mall employee at Christmas. Plus, what about when tampons miraculously liberate themselves from their wrapper and end up free inside your purse? The whole world does not need to know that.

that being said, I would love some Mulleavy anger footwear on these feet.

laia. said...

fuck this is too good. i always love a shoot where the girls stand in a line CK-One style.

i still hate the prada shoes, but ran across a picture on the interwebz where somebody was wearing them with WHITE SOCKS and then i kinda fell in love with them?
i dunno.

fashion westie said...

Print Prada Platforms. Phi Ankle Boots. Chanel Clogs....i also covet these beautiful babies. Don't know how I feel about the Sisters shoes.....

nicolette said...

bad news. bad bad news. http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2009/12/breaking_phi_to_shutter.html

firefly said...

All the good companies are going...

KD said...


...the who cares girl... said...

You're not alone regarding the Prada shoe lust, sweetie darling.

amy said...


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