you'll eat raw fish but you won't accept a guy's TONGUE in your MOUTH?

Thank JEEBUS I am at an age when things like First Kisses and Losing Your Virginity are just the stuff sentimental moments & hilaritymaking. That being said, I love to discuss those sentimental moments all the time, often.

Let's talk about them, a lot, to everyone. Cmon! You know you want to!

Marisa Meltzer & I are making a one-off zine about first kisses called, naturally, FIRST KISS. And we want to hear about yours.

Send us the story of your first kiss. It can be as long or as brief as you like, but we'd love to know things like where you were, with whom, what you were wearing, what song was playing in the background, if it was a good kiss, how it happened, any emotional fallout, etc. We hope you'll want to use your name, but you don't have to.

Email your submissions by January 31st to mslightning@gmail.com and/or mnmeltzer@gmail.com
Elizabeth and Marisa
Hottest First Kiss of all time (or any kiss, for that matter):

My teenage dream First Kiss (my real one was in 7th grade and so not dreamy):

This one would've be pretty great too (without having to have my brother die in Vietnam, that is):


Kristin said...

formulating hilarity at this very moment...i'll be in touch toots!

KD said...

NOT FAIR! You ask for our first kisses and all you say about yours is that it was in 7th grade and not so dreamy?

KD said...

P.S. I want crickets in the background when I have my first kiss. (I'm a freshman in high school and haven't had my first kiss yet . . . :-/ ) (And I still use emoticons.)

Suzy said...

ewww don't remind me. it was like a fucking slug died on my tongue. yup. the dude went straight into full-on frenching. frenching. FRENCHING!

nicc said...

My first kiss was in a closet at my best friend’s birthday party. I think it was...7th or 8th grade. She lived one house away from me at the time, so we were uberclose. The party was being held in a huuuuge basement that had a dance floor, disco ball, bar, window to look into the indoor pool, pool table and pin ball machine. I remember thinking that no party was ever complete unless someone started crying. (Ended up being the birthday girl herself) ANYWAYS I think it was on a dare that Kurtis Osborne and I would have to go into the closet. I had a pretty big crush on him ( this was when I liked boys) and was ecstatic. It was like every teen movie now that I look back on it. We get pushed into the closet and I could hear everyone crowding around the closet door. There were many attempts to get the door open in order to catch us in the act, but in the end Kurtis held the door shut....to no avail. Locking lips in front of the rest of the party! The kiss was wet , had tongue and felt slippery. Not so romantic being in there with a vacuum, and other random closet crap. But for the rest of the night I sat on his lap and felt oh so speshul.
SO, LONG STORY LONG, we didn’t talk after then party and things just silently fell out. And from then on I never had anything but slight crushes on a boy. Except for that one time at the bonfire during summer ‘09, there was a lot of whisky involved with that one.
Wonderful stories of childhood awkwardness.
Oops, long comment....

Dee said...

My first "real" kiss happened outside of my neighbor, Brian's house. My friend Rayanne had gotten my crush to come over under the pretense that I needed some fake ID's. We sat in his car and I was talking about something, but before I knew it Jordan Catalano's tongue was attacking my mouth.
Wait, what? That wasn't my first kiss. My first kiss was awful and sloppy and I never saw the guy again.

Caitlin said...

i was watching pochohauntas with a boy called michael. he is now bisexual... c

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

submission entered..can't wait to see the final product..such a great concept.


Term Papers said...

My first kiss was in a closet at my Girl friend’s birthday party. I think it was...11th or 12th grade.It Was my Most Sweet and Memorize Day In My life. Which I'll Never Be forget In My whole life.

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Vyque said...

My first french kiss was in a stairway at my Catholic highschool when I was about 14. Afterward I my best friend "It was so gross, it feels like a slug in your mouth"

Vinoth R said...

I love that last image, how all those different elements in the kitchen work so well together ;)

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