Wathing this movie is always the best part of Christmas..Why isn't this on teevee anymore??? Few things make me happier than Emmet Otter.

Happy happy HAPPY Christmas, sweetie dahling loverpantses.

I hope that like me you all get your dream presents and spiked nog and candy necklaces and your Dad in a pink Snuggie.

Tell me what you got for Christmas!

love love love,


The Mussy Head Guild said...

Emmet Otter is Epic-Sauce.

nicc said...

Heart-beats by lady gaga.
A mysterious magazine subscription (Mom can't remember what is was)

Have a great Christmas, I'll be mailing your glasses when I get back to Canadaland on the 31st. Do you want just the gold sparkle pair, cause I have a flowery pair I could throw in as well. I MAKE TOO MANY WEIRD GLASSES.

confessions of a marc addict. said...

i'm stoked on the new nikon i got. merry christmas, elizabeth!

Emily said...

trip to cambodia? win.

deedledee said...

rollerblades, miike snow album, lula, UP, and a pasta cookbook!! P.S. Thanks for the post about Miike Snow-- I feel like they were just what i was looking for, musically, at the moment!!

Chip said...

have you ever gotten strage packages since your address is posted here? Like human hair? Or a bomb or soemthing

Lauren said...

subscription to computer arts mag and lot of clothes. hope you had a lovely christmas!! :)

amy said...


genevieve a.k.a. the bandit said...

clothes, leather backpack of awesomeness, nerf tag for me and my 17 yr old brother (he shot my dad in the eye),shit-tons of books...and lady gaga tickets ;)
boo-ya indeed

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