Attention please, everyone...WHITE LIGHTNING QUIZ TIME!

Do you have your scantrons and dixon ticonderogas at the ready? Mmkay, here we go.
What does this working gal:

...have in common with THIS workin gal?

Hint: APPARENTLY, they both love to shop at the As Seen On TV store at the Paramus Park mall.

Ok, ok, you give up?
They are both wearing...these girdles?

Yes, bloggyblogtowners. what I am telling you is that Gagaloo's costume for the AMA's is the same backfatsucker that is pictured in the above video. KYMARO x HAUS OF GAGA collaboration??

Amazing. Paging USWeekly/InStyle/ladymagseverywhere and their STAR LOOKS FOR LESS columns...Dress like Gaga for $39.99 AND look 10 pounds thinner! It's geeeenballs, really. All you need to finish it is some sort of excavated exoskeleton (free AND green!) et VOILA, you've got the LOOK.

PS, I am only half kidding about the Kymaro x Haus of Gaga collection..they could make some seriously dope bodysucking sheath situations together...some red lace bike short girdles, fake bloodsoaked bustiers, holographic bodysuits? Who knows, sky is the limit; Opening Ceremony would be all over that shit!


Hal E. Liebling said...

I LOLed pretty hard.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...


 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Brilliant Discovery!! LOL.

Katy said...

So true.

Aviva said...


you called it dood!

Unknown said...


gaga cookies! i think your next crafternoon should be a bakernoon. or something.

Alika said...

l. gaga, g. pugh, and r. zimmerman? plus a floor sweep?

it's, how you say, amazeballs?

LDF said...

Man, that Facehugger style is really catching on!
What an unlikely fashion inspiration...those parasitic little devils!

Unknown said...

They do seem to be wearing the similar stuff. Guess they like to save money on the TV junk too?

BC2DR Brand

isabella whitney said...

hahaha, i was just at paramus park this past weekend.

KnobRocket said...

That's funny.


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