bad romance

Hot off the runways of GAY PAREE: Bram Stoker's LoveBunz Parade !

If Gary Oldman as Dracula made sweet, dark, vampiric love to a box of Russell Stovers bridal candy, the bastard demon offspring would be this delicious confection of a hair-did right herrrrr.

In other words, I feel a desperate need to cover a cardboard heart with fake hair and tie it to my head with a hairnet.
And then drink the blood of virgins. Or Winona Ryder.


Methinks (does anyone say METHINKS I R L? Drop me a line if you do, I would like to set up a party line witchu) that SOMEONEEEE who's name rhymes with Blarl Bloggerfeld was a tad INSPIRED by the alienspine heels of the McQueen spring shoes a tad? Teensytinybitz? Maybe yes? Maybe maybe? (methinks)

Keep it Kooky, Karl.


Anonymous said...

medoes, medoes... SORRY!!

Rosie said...

This is off the HOOK!

Ana said...

I don't know how I feel about that hair, but I definitely say Methinks in real life.

- Ana

Stefanie said...

I say methinks! But I think sometimes I put a t at the end for unknown reasons "methinkst" I dunno I'm sorry

laia. said...

the shoes are SO BAD and i NEED THEM.

Vyque said...

OMG, I hadn't seen the back, my little brain can't comprehend how amazingly beautiful they look!

Unknown said...

Woah, I was on knightcat yesterday and made a similar hair connection. I threw cruella and gaga into the dracula mix.

Have had the odd methinks pop out~~ usually when someone "protesth too much"

Heather Taylor said...

I'm so infatuated with those shoes!!

Meaghan said...

i need to create that hair with my hair, minus that back strip thang for maximum lifeability? yeah.
also mcqueen did it better, sorrrrrry Karl.

Katy said...

Love the Dracula comparisons, haha! And . . . I actually do use the word "methinks" in real life, though not seriously, of course.

Maddy said...

I methinks methinks is a fo sho a 10-point scrabble word i use to show off ;)

liz said...

methinks those silver shoes are little pieces of heaven, slobber slobber drool drool.

InnyVinny said...

That was a perfect description of the hair. Even in my sordid imagination, it totally worked.

Aviva said...

I feel like he's doing The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, no? Whatever he is doing, I'm in love AND super jellaaaaasssssssss

jenn. said...

haha, looks like everyone says methinks IRL (me included)!

Sadhbh said...

bloody amazing blog :)
keeps me entertained for ages!
keep it coming x

Hal E. Liebling said...

i laughed so hard at your commentary. i totes agree about the mcqueen influence.


Unknown said...

To much Grey, I'll produce enough of that when I'm old. Otherwise not bad at all.

BC2DR Brand

KnobRocket said...

Don't like them.


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