courtney on the inside

The other day Marisa sent me a photo of Courtney Love that is quite possibly the best picture of her I have ever seen. It threw me into a tizzy of inspiration and lip jealousy and baby barrette hunting.


SHE USED TO BE SO SEXY & LUSCIOUS. That face! These days I am sorta scurred. Too bad, so sad. Really truly. Cookoobananas.

Believe me I know..not even close. But I am feeling the bringing back of these barrettes. And it felt pretty good to bust out a few new favorite things in the name of LOVE...

Faux leopard print coat // H&M (20 bones?!?) 
Raining Tears necklace // gift from MIMIMOON (thank you Margarida! I love love LOVE THIS!) 
Black patent leather tap shoes // Southampton thrift

BRB... I made my bed, gonna go lie in it.


rubennieto said...

fatastic post! I love it!!

marz_barzxo said...

O_O courtney love? That's gorgeous! And those lips D: darn i wish i 'em as well >.>
Love the shoes & neckace

Hal E. Liebling said...

she does look awesome here! very cool riot grrl. my personal favorite is corin tucker from sleater kinney. but she's not nearly as glam. your inspired look is great.


Isabel said...

Courtney = goddess. The end.

laia. said...

a million times YES forever.

(but you already knew I was gonna say that, right? haha)

Anonymous said...



Colleen said...

Love the baby barrettes. This needs to occur again. I might help you.

liz said...

that EXACT photo of Courtney was my inspiration for my Halloween costume this year!!!


I already had the plastic baby barrettes, of course--some things are timeless!

lillian rachel said...

Baby barrettes were on my wishlist this year! I am now the proud wearer of many colorful plastic creations. I><I


Anonymous said...


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