flipping out

Wednesday night I went to see Bear in Heaven's sold out show at the Mercury Lounge. The vibe was so DARK AND MYSTICAL...lights out, incense burnin...they were soooo good.

Can I just say that I LOVE my FLIP video camera thing? The audio quality is SICK. And now I can make HD quality amateur porn in my living room! Best Christmas gift EVER, thanks mom and dad!

I wear very few band tees but these are reallllllyyyyy gooooood. Must. Have.

BIH will be touring MAYJAH-LY starting in March, go go go...and tell Adam Wills you love his moustache.


Artsy Geek said...

Band tee's just never get old!

Isabel said...

Agreed, those band tees are really good.

Anonymous said...

Wow that audio quality is amazing. Some people have had camera shake issues, which turned me off. But I might have to buy one after all!

Unknown said...

Band tee's stay popular as long as bands stay popular, it's just marketing. Don't see N'sync or backstreet boy tee's anymore.

BC2DR Brand

KnobRocket said...

Got to love band tees.


KnobRocket said...

Gotta love band tee's!


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