i'm afraid of clowns, i'm afraid of small towns

My deep love for Das Racist has been well documented here on the this weblog. So don't act surprised when I post this video for the song Rainbow In The Dark, which is not, (as I was sorta secretly hoping) a cover of the Dio gem (and Aviva Yael KARAOKE KILLAH) of the same name.

In these four minutes there are references to Saved by the Bell, Jeff Mangum, gchat, wikipedia brown,  Donkey Kong, secondhand Versace and Human Pocky.

I couldn't love these lunatics more if I tried, and i don't like to try- I JUST DO, KID. (What the fuck am I even talking about, I have no idea. I just drank a coffee the size of my head).

I would feel remiss if I didn't post the Dio song.

Seeing Veevs sing this at karaoke this past summer was MAYYBEEEEE a lifetime highlight.

Das Racist is playing TWO shows next week! TOTALLY GONNA BE THERRRRRR. You too?


the StReeT chanteuse said...

.....So I listened to this twice just so I could make sure I caught the "soul glo" reference as in Coming To America reference as in the solidifying my love for these dudes reference.....
yeah it's official like a referee with a whistle

Aviva said...

DUDE. Having all up in my chez was the highlight of my summer (well, you're tied with Christmas Tree Mom Guy). I miss you ELIZABETTTHHHHH


The Pudgie Report said...

When there's white lightning, you know it always brings me down.

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