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Nothing makes you feel more like an addict than when you a tiny taste of your poison and see yourself go CRAZAYYYY. I am so starved for runway, you guys! So ready for the season to start again...PRE-FALLIN:


OOOOH JACK AND LAZARO, such dark and goth-y preps! This SHOULD HAVE BEEN what Jenny's character was on GG in the beginning, straight up GOTHIP GIRL. God, that shaggy fur...what a dream. PS has quickly become the bag I NEED NEED NEED IN ALL CAPS PLEASE GIMME GIMME NOW; look at the SIZE of that one. Dreamboat America.


Cropped balloony layers...leather, wool and fur..all the things I want to wear when it's cold, really. That white parka is PERFECT. I will also never not love a Givenchy Nightingale and to have one as a rolling suitcase would be seriousssllyyy BALLER.


THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT.  Colored tights (with a sheer inner thigh panel!), shoes that look like that were made out of stuff from the Home Depot, trash bag plastic crop tops, stripes and patterns and wrongisright. Why are there NEVER detail shots on Pre-Fall??? So unfair. I want to see every angle of these shoes! If they don't sell these tights, I will be distraught. You don't want that Nicolas..do you? This reminds me of the color combos of the gals in BLOW UP, so 60s future thought. Loving loving love.

Musical accompaniment, P(f)ree Fallin


Unknown said...

i can't stop lisping gothip girl in my head. love proenza pre fall SO much.

Unknown said...

Hearts for Proenza and Balenciaga Pre--Fall.
Agreement bout Gothip Girl.

Steffi Schütze said...

Oh yes, it annoys me to death that there are never any detail shots in pre-fall! And the way they pose sometimes I cant even figure out weather they are wearing heels or flats! WTF?

Hal E. Liebling said...

WOW @ Proenza and Givenchy. I need that white Givenchy jacket.


marz_barzxo said...

lolz "this should have been Jenny's character" :P

Love the outfits on the first pic! Verrh "Goth-Ip'

And colourful tights are the best :D. I only have yellow and black ones. Deuce.

Christina Catherine said...

How psyched am I that I just found a shaggy black coat exactly like the Proenza one at the Goodwill for 9 bucks?!?!

really psyched.

Katy said...


laia. said...

oh dudes your layouts kill me.


Dreamin of a PS1 too.

sarah said...

proenza are totally killing it lately! their last 2 seasons are ruling it for me.

haha, so TRUE re GG...awesome call


Anonymous said...

oh... all that amazing pre-fall stuff... can't keep track anymore. seasons change to fast. love the way you layouted your post!

Madeleine said...

ahhh, i love this, and yes I so agree!!
I got a fur coat, black one like that for £13!! WOO xx

Arushi Khosla said...

Ricardo is god.

Arushi Khosla said...

I'm doing one on Givenchy right now. A post, I mean. Ricardo is a friggin genius.

Isabel said...

I think I will sing that song "pre-falling" from now on.

Edwina Bulfrage said...

When Anna Wintour said "im watching Proenza" I didnt realise that it would turn out this hardcore amazing. woa love. yes totally correcct aboiut jennys character- I dont like the way she has turned out fashion wise on the show anyway. Hey, you're from new york...do you ever see them filming?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




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