never gets old

Hey look! It's my Betsey Johnson fish dress! Apparently this is from Dazed August 09, an article on Betsey Johnson. I wish I knew what year this pic is from...What do we think...1985?

Just realized I desperately need a CRINOLINE to wear under this bad boy! God damn this dress never gets boring to me. I would die to have it in a skirt....

Thank you Kylie!!!!


Claire Geist said...

oh my lord, I love it even more in that bright orange!!
gah that's one seriously magnificent piece

Isabel said...

Haha, oh man this is too good! I like your dress way better too.

liz said...

ooh ooh! what color crinoline? I'd be happy to encourage MORE madness!

jill said...

i just watched "the secret life of the american teenager" and molly ringwald plays the mom. it's a horrible show. i can't believe i admitted that i even watched it. I thought somehow she could make it a better show...and i was wrong.

Eleanor said...

This dress is awsuuuum! I love the colours

misslikey said...

i would never get bored with the dress like that.superb

T-Bonz said...

Broskovitch -

There is a crinoline in my closet!!!! It would need a trim because it wasn't and underskirt, I made it in college for one of my collections, but it is in the closet somewhere.


there is black tulle in the linen closet. go crazlers.


Anonymous said...

I love everything about this top, the print, the colors, the shape. Great find.


panfoulia said...

goooooood !!!

Kylie said...

Jeez i could have at least scanned it if I knew you were gunna post it! I'll check the date in the article asap


Anonymous said...


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