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The internets are afire this week with talk of the new Spring/Summer 2010 campaigns...Bloggas be all excited bout them but fashion houses be all pissed at us? For posting pics? I am confused...it's free advertising and it is usually a LOVEFEST and all those ads'll be out in February mags right about now ANYWAYS...right? Right.

Well, controversey be damned here are some of my faves of what I have internets stalked so far:


Correct me if I am wrong, but (unless I have the credit info wrong) David Sims has shot the Balenciaga ads for years...Why the switch to Meisel this season, I wonder? I will assume they have kept M/M Paris on as the campaign designers (as they have for years) cuz this seems about their weirdness level (see any and all Stella McCartney ads for reference). I dig it though, if only cuz it is something unique in the sea of samesamesameyness that is the front third of most fashion magazines.


The ads for Lanvin are always...CHALLENGING, shall we say? Remember the Bratz-like giant eyeballs? This ad is straight up UNCOMFORTABLE, but I find something fascinating in that.
Perhaps wearing Lanvin throws you into a full body orgasm. I would suspect that this is TRUE, although I have yet to have had the pleasure of Alber's creations on mah skin...Lemme try adn rectify that sitchernation and get back to ya.


Is that hat for sale? Because I need it. WHAT I ALSO NEED is Claudia Schiffer's pact with the devil/goblet of water from the Tuck Everlasting fountain. Last I checked bitch was 40. She looks 19. CALL ME, CLAUDIA.


They coulda done whaaaatevaaahhhh they wanted for this ad, I would been all for it. I LOVE THIS COLLECTION. I WANT TO WEAR TRIBAL ZIGZAGZ ALL OVER MY BODY ALL DAY LONG. Totally loving the logo treatment as well; it's like the logo for LOVE mag, which I know is controversial aesthetically for a lot of people but I am a champion of UGLY AMAZING and so I love it.


This is the first time I have ever been WANG RABID (hey wait, getyr mind outta the gutter!) in my life, readers of this blog know I am not usually a fan. But this sweatshirt MIGHT improve my life by like, 487%, I am pretty sure. Also (as I posted during fashion week) sidebraids are the new jam. And my supercrush Fabbyfabs is tops, obvs.


Bike shorts n clogs! Bike shorts n CLOGGZZZZZZZZ! I won't focus on the fact that this looks sorta like a grisly but CHIC murder scene discovery out of an episode of CSI:VOGUE, where they solve FASHIONABLE MURDERS with CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY (the head detectives are played by André Leon Tally and Grace Coddington). I will just focus on BIKE SHORTS N CLOGZZZZZ!


I know I am in a cold lonely dark room in enjoying this collection as much as I do, but I feel like it falls under my aforementioned UGLY AWESOME rubric. CLEAR PLASTIC & VELCRO on everythin, let's do it, I dig it. And orange lips are a look I like to rock myself, so thumbs up right there.


She's standing in a toilet. I mean. You've got my attention. (The End).

Can we talk about Steven Meisel for a second? Dude has the market CORNERRRRRRED on ad campaigns. Kinda crazy, right?

all pics from tfs


TobyOliverDean said...

haha youre on bangin comedy form tonight (this afternoon?) Elizabeth. I think the Lanvin ad is totally rad. I also dig that LV image although Ive seen others which arent so nice. Also, I still cant decide about those moustashe clogs....

fuschiaaa said...

I think all the adverts are pretty awesome this season. Prada = perfect. Better than last season. Maybe better than the season before that (never thought I would say that). Marc Jacobs, as always, equals ultimate perfection. However the almost grainy Lanvin ads with the cats that always seem to be lurking in the middle of vogue cannot be beaten. Even by that.

firefly said...

Prada is...surprising good this season, but I just like the styling. But these ads always surprise me.

liz said...

I am seriously attracted to that shiny orange lipstick.

debra@dustjacket said...

Yeah I have to say Meisel with Vuitton and Prada do it for me. Grace is a genius too.


rocketsauce said...

I was thinking the same exact thing re: meisel. that dude must be PAID, SON! i love this entry. more more more.

xox arfinsauce

Modi said...

Great photos, excellent work by the stylists...We will definitely use some ideas in one of our future photoshoots at our BM Models Agency in Brighton, UK. Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

laughed at the "CSI: VOGUE" situation. i'd rather read your opinions/thoughts on fashion here than nearly any mag due to the fact that i almost always giggle. (by myself. creepy?)

Colleen said...

Oh, the Chanel...making me want spring to come so badly! And the Louis Vuitton comments: hahahahaha

Anonymous said...


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