there's water inside don't spill it

I truly think Cypress Hill's B Real set the bar for my true crotchthrob attractions for life. He's so FOXY. He is! Remember when he had that giant AFRO? Ohhh good GOD, I was so in love.

I bought the Black Sunday cassette from Sam Goody at the Boulder Run (F.L.O.W.-area kids, hollaaaa) and wore that tape out; I was so in love with it.
Did my parents even bat an eyelash at this being blasted from my bedroom?!

They say HOME SKILLET in this song (I mean...) !
My deep love for Cypress Hill seems to make my Das Racist obsession seem to make a lotta sense, no?

Please allow me to also post the video for Stoned is the Way of the Walk. Not only is \my secretlover B Real is way hot here AND he is wearing a HOUSE OF PAIN tee. It's too good. TOO GOOD, I TELL YOU. (mental note...new ebay search, H O P tee is so necessary)



kate said...

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erin said...

I fully back and understand the love you have for Cypress Hill! xo

Linley Dolby said...

Ah, the days of listening to "Cock the Hammer" in the way back of my friend's mom's station wagon on the way to CCD.

Good times!

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